The amazing work of Aikar!

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  1. So, while on tonight, i went to my res and saw this:
    There was also a scavenger hunt and an item drop. More screenshots below! :D 2013-02-05_20.45.12.png
  2. here is the man who made it all possible: Aikar!
  3. How do you play Minecraft with your render distance set so short?
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  4. here is the item drop!

    Here is heyaroo spazing out!

    here is the amazing work of Aikar after the hunt:

    and here is the death sphere he made (inside with withers):
  5. if it is anything else, MC crashes :/
  6. Thank you for putting my item drop on the website! I still am shocked that Aikar came and helped me drop, too! Its all because I am leaving, though, so, goodbye and if you wanna see why I am leaving, the thread is up.

    EDIT: Sorry, Aikar and my item drop :p
  7. Is this still going on?
  8. Warning: unrelated.
    Aikar makes a pixel art of himself. He calls it: Aikart!
  9. Aikar is awesome >.<