The Amazing Glitching Boat!

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  1. Yeh, just a little thing I saw while going around the Wild. :p
  2. Wow, things are working great...
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  3. *standing ovation*
  4. This is why we got 1.9 XD
  5. It's not glitched, its possessed! Witchcraft, sorcery, burn the heathens! :D

    Errr, sorry, I didn't have my coffee yet. Will fix that coffee right away ;)
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  6. The boats are coming back for revenge. I crashed one too many boats.
  7. All it is, is the water is flowing down ward an the boat is trying to move forward but can't thats why that is happening
  8. hehehe. love the music. silly boat.
  9. lol. That boat can move into the ground. :p