The ad thread (make a fortune in your shop or other stuff at ur res)

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How do u vote

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You go to EMC (you must be sined in to ur account) go to rupees s roll down a inch u should see that 5 vote(s) 83.3%
Not another to me that's the only way :) 3 vote(s) 50.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. For the first ad I'm making a hotel post if u wanna help it's at 8432 my name is baltzleybros2 the hotel is on right and I updated parkour 2 days ago feel free to try I made spleef a few months ago that's free I also have 2 games ill make the hotel as cheap as I can but I really need the money try my shop I think it has great prizes post more ads I might check them out I have all EMC servers so whatever server it is on ill be there thank you ;) .
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  2. Gah, my mind exploded when I saw the amount of grammatical errors it this thread.
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  3. Mine too :mad:
  4. Best. Speller. Ever.
  5. Agh! The spelling! It burns!!!
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  6. I was laughing. Haha. :p
  7. Major run on sentence... I about died. <----- (Just kidding) I'll make sure to check out your shop though. :)
  8. I didn't even mind the spelling, its the fact that that entire paragraph was a SINGLE sentence. Just a note to you balt, if you want people to do something, or whatever your trying to accomplish this thread, use grammar and spelling. I couldn't even concentrate on the point of the post because I was distracted by the grammar.
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  9. How 3 speak English by Baltzley
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