The 20th Century. (RPG)

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  1. The 20TH Century (T20C) is a role playing game I made well I played Roblox. It stayed on the front page of the forum games on Roblox for awhile, so I want to see if it would do good here on EMC! Time to explain the game!

    The year is 1900, the start of a century ruled by two world wars, rock music, the hippie movement, and much more. In this game, you pick a country, and you are set out on becoming the most powerful country in the world. In this game, I am a god like character. This is simply to move the game along, and make sure no rules are broken. I can also start natural disaster, market crashes, and even wars. I don't just throw these around, I will put them in if the scenario fits. (Also, if you have lots of power, you will be hit by more disasters and market crashes then the losing country. This is simply to help me it more fair.)

    The rules are

    1.YOU CAN NOT WIN EVERYTHING: No matter how good you are doing, you will not win everything.
    2. NO RAY WEAPONS: No matter what year this goes to, ray weapons will not be allowed.
    3. THE STUFF YOU RESEARCH MUST ME MAKE SENSE. If you want to research something, the things needed to use it must be researched already.
    4 DO NOT ASK TO BE A MOD: What I mean by this, is not to ask me to help me run the game. I like to run these types of games my self.
    5. DON'T TAKE ANYTHING TO SERIOUSLY: Its just a game. If you lose a war, its not a big deal.
    6. HAVE FUN!: Have fun or prepare to die.

    Things in the game

    Era's: There will be different types of era's in the game. Such as the Flight era, the electronic era, and many others. These usually take up decades, but I can add them at will.
    Researching: Researching will make your nation work on a new type of tech. You can sell this tech to other nations, or give it out for free. You can only do one research at a time. All research takes 5 posts to be done, unless stated otherwise by me.
    Trading: You can trade items that your nation mass produces to other nations.

    The is the sheet you must fill out in order to play.

    This is my sheet. (I will be playing)

    Nation: Canada
    Population: 5MILL (Must have a population near what the population of the country had at the year you join the game)
    Army: 500K
    Mass produces: Coal, Lumber, Iron

    The game has started.

    Canada begins work on a new rifle, to start the new century off!
  2. Immay not play, but i will suggest things, can you cause aliens with deadly energy weapons to come down and attack people?
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  3. Its not that type of a game, but if we get WAY past 2012, I might! :)

    Also, every ten pages is a decade.
  4. Ima play. Oidia, a country on a pacific island. In it is an ancient ruin, containing a really thought to be valuable artifact, made by an unknown ancient civilization. Exports: fish, tropical fauna/flora, tropical wood
    Population: only about 300, 200 of which are natives.
    Army: about 50 militia, along with the native army of 100
  5. Yay
  6. Native gift weapons are given to the oidian settlers; bows and arrows, as the oidians old rifles ran out of ammo a long time ago
  7. Never heard of the place, but if you want to use it, go ahead! Also, I would prefer if you and the people to join didn't really interact with their country's, unless its the government helping its country. This is simply to reduce posts.
  8. Imma say the story right now;
    Settlers were of american descent aboard the fisprst generation armored ironclad boat on a trading trip to india. They got lost in a hurricane and stranded in oidia.
    Military powers: ironclad class The Winter Breeze military transport
    Allies: natives
    Communication: very low, as they are stranded
    Technology( on a scale of 1-10): 3
    Economy: trading
  9. After a Canadian trading ship saw a few houses along a beach, the Canadian government sends a navy ship to the island. 20 Canadian seamen have landed on Oidia. Canada would like to become trading partners and allies with Oidia.
  10. The captain(who has after the hurricane been allected in charge) accepts. You gain 30 logs of palm trees
  11. Canada sends 1oo troops to support Oidian, along with 200 Lee-Enfield rifles left over from the Boar war.
  12. Thanks, i gotta sleep soon
  13. Name: China
    Population: 300 million
    Army: 12 million.
    Produces: Iron and steel, textiles, rice
    Communication Level: High
    Technology level: 9/10
    Military powers: Large industrial power, can mass-produce most military equipment.
    Allies: None

    NOTE: I am going to bend the rules a little bit here, and say that the government is a few years ahead. At the turn of the century, MY China is currently under Chang Kai Qek, and isn't divided into ahperes of influence. Is that too much to ask?
  14. What do you mean by a few years ahead?

    With no USA, Canada feels lonely in North America....

    Canada's new rifle has been finished! Its a .25 caliber bolt action rifle. It holds 10 rounds at a time. The name is C1900 Ontario.
  15. Back for a bit, need to go to school soon,
    Oidian colonists re-invent radio technology
  16. Canada would like to trade lumber for steel with China.
  17. Country:America
    Main Exports: wheat,lumber
    Population: 75 million
    Millitary: 3 million
    Allies: none
    Communication: High
    Technology: 8/10
  18. Not trying to be a pain, but Americas population was only 70 Million in 1900. I kind of like having these things near what they where at the time. If your not sure what the population was in the year, a quick google search will bring it up! :) Also, one page is a year
  19. Country:Japan
    Main Exports: Cotton, Wool
    Population: 42 Million
    Millitary: 5.5 Million
    Allies: none
    Communication: High
    Technology: 8/10
  20. Ok i will fix that.
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