That Over Used Bear Meme

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  1. I am getting tired of people posting the over used bear meme that says "how about no". I mean it is annoying and over used. We need to explain why we dont like it instead of just saying no. It is rude to the person who posted the thread and that a 1hr temp ban from the forms for using it. Help me stand up to it and fight the black bear that tries to be an albinopolarbear!!!
  2. Who started that meme?
  3. it seems like creepa ninja he uses it WAY too much
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  4. how_about_no_evil.jpg
  5. sayit.jpg
  6. Howaboutno.jpg
    Thats my input.
  7. I can fix that with a PS3

    Gimme that likes!
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  8. Meme idea:

    How about
    Forget this
    that's to old
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  9. I can do that too.
    With an xbox 360.
    Why did you smash an actual good console on a bear's head? That's mean to the console. Then again, making a bear run around with an xbox on your head is mean to the bear.
  10. hihi.png

  11. That's what I will be using from now on! :p

    Or maybe this...
  12. I knew it u will show that video!!

    RFIT: Someone needs to beat up that panda!
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  13. I cant look that panda in the eye, so he can Call Me Maybe...
  14. Completely agreed. Most of the mod review thread are spammed with "how about no" pictures. Instead of wasting the time to go find that picture, why not actually post an intelligent response on why not?
  15. I'm kind of split on this issue. I could care less if somebody used the bear and gave a good explanation too. But what defines good? How many offenses would it be before you were banned? Is a temp forum ban possible?

  16. i couldnt resist. but really, im fine with the meme. just some people need to use it less. (you know who you are.)