that is the size of the frontier

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  1. i am an antisocial person but i love to explore and i want to escape all civilization and i need to know how far the wild goes i want to go about 700k out or at least hit the border XD
  2. The frontier is a full sized world just like it would be in singleplayer.
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  3. The edge is about 12.5 million blocks out, you have a bit of a ways to go. :)
  4. isn't there a border krysy mentioned 1 (sorry if i butchered your name if u are reading this) in the frontier expansion post
  5. the border will be removed in the enxt update(when the new spawn come out) Unless you are an amazing robot that works 24/7, doubt that you will reach ther border before September 1st(this is minimum date, could be the 1st 2 weeks of september). Anyway the worder is probably near the million(where the 1st spawns appear
  6. never underestimate the power of the nether and a dc of pickaxes
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  7. the thing i think you are underestimating is time...(september is in 2 days)
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  8. Heh, even with that it'll take you roughly 6 days and 6 hours, +/- 3 hours, to get there.

    Still better than 26 days on the overworld, but still....
  9. Wait so be4 stupid 1.8 cane out we coukd go to the farlands??