That awful moment when...

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Jay2a, May 3, 2014.

  1. You realize just how much of your life you've wasted on four games.
    Life Wasted.png
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  2. you should see how many years of time ive put into morrowind
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  3. Heh... right there with you on that one. Between 400+ hrs on Xbox, more than double that on PC, and probably even more in the Construction Kit editor, TES3 swallowed a sizable chunk of my life.

    Skyrim, Kerbal Space Program, and Terraria also have embarrassingly high triple-digit totals... :confused:
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  4. my disc melted inside my xbox after playing for three days straight but on it i had about 6000 hours as of 2010, then i tried to recover everything on my pc and play some mods and got about 4k in when one of the house builder mods erased everything a few months ago. i wasted more then a year on the game lol
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  5. If only I knew how many hours of Minecraft I've played.
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  6. I think i played MC like 182 days. Time flys when you have fun,they say.
  7. With all the statistic resetting and now statistics being shared per world instead of per minecraft, it would be difficult to check it for minecraft though.
  8. You've played over 37 days worth of games jay2a hahah!
  9. I only showed my most played games, I also have these:
    Life Wasted 2.png Importerer gave me Bastion.
  10. Haha, I think I have only one and I played it for less than an hour :p
  11. I have about 2000 hours logged on all my steam accounts just on tf2...
  12. 415 hours is a reasonable time for Spiral Knights
  13. If you made new friends and had fun, it's not 'wasted'.
  14. Not really active time spent playing... but my "Accounts been logged in" time for Final Fantasy 11 was around 1200 DAYS :3
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  15. i think we all have too much time on our hands........
  16. I've got 500+ hours on TF2. I'm on something.
  17. I've got more hours on real life than on games. Ha.
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  18. your the only sane one here
  19. that awful moment when you run out of cake :(
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  20. Or lava buckets. </3