Thanksgiving Event 2014 Information

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  1. Hey guys! I am here with a thread telling you all you need to know about the Thanksgiving Event this year.

    This year has brought us various surprises and special items. We are able to obtain the Ham Hacker with the /promo thanksgiving command, find various loot from the Feast Chests, and kill Super Turkeys to obtain their meat!

    Feast Chests
    The Feast Chests have a chance of spawning randomly around you. The Feast Chest can contain various foods such as Bread, Cooked Beef, Cooked Chicken, Cooked Fish, Cake, Apples, and Baked Potatoes. They will all also spawn with a special piece of paper titled Feast for a King.

    Super Turkey
    The Super Turkey is a special mob that behaves similar to an Enraged Mob. When the Super Turkey spawns, it distributes a message to anybody who is within 256 blocks away from it: Gobble Gobble... What does the Super Turkey look like though? It looks a like a chicken on fire basically. Upon closer inspection, you will be able to see it's name tag that reads Super Turkey. Be careful when killing it though, it has 1024 hearts. Upon killing it, the Super Turkey has a chance of dropping a specially named Cooked Turkey and a rare chance of dropping a Turkey Slicer. The Cooked Turkey is similar to any piece of Cooked Chicken but it has a special name and lore whilst the Turkey Slicer is a super powerful weapon with it's twin, the 2013 Turkey Slicer. It is believed that the Super Turkeys spawn during the Day and Night.

    Thanksgiving Special Items and Mobs:
    Am I missing anything? Please reply with what I am missing. I hope this has helped you guys!

    Also, credit to Dometrios for sharing the Turkey Slicer information with us!
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  2. Turkey Slicer
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  3. Can you be more specific please?
  4. Super turkey drops it.
  5. its the same as the original, but has 1 more line of lore
  6. Enchants different
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  7. Can someone list the New Turkey Slicer enchants ?
    We can find the old Turkey Slicer enchants in the EMC wiki.
  8. There are some really good tactics that you catch up to after a day of hunting super turkeys. Number one priority is to trap the turkey in at minimum, a 2 high, 2 long and 1 wide box. If you do 1x1x2, you can get a red message saying you will get reduced chances of rare drops.

    The turkeys are also massively slowed down by water and lava, they can be leashed with a lead, and are incredibly fast. They don't attack you though, I think you wrote that in your main post. Lastly, hunt turkeys at the time of least players, and go into a world that you think would have the least number of players. This increases your chance of finding one or many. I've seen them spawn in groups of one to eight

    -EDIT: the drops from super turkeys, the cooked turkeys with the lore of "cluck cluck, gobble?" Do not have any special effects when eaten. They act as a regular cooked chicken
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  9. 2014 Turkey Slicer Drop Info: (Information provided is transposed precisely as written on item.)

    Turkey Slicer
    Sharpness V
    Unbreaking IV
    Knockback II
    Fire Aspect II
    Final (Can not be modified or repaired)
    Soulbound (Will not drop on death)
    Thanksgiving Turkey Drop

    "Perfect slice every time"

    +13.25 Attack Damage
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  11. It doesn't attack the player, it just runs in circles
  12. Just a note here that the Thanksgiving Event version of the Turkey Slicer is now on the EMC Wiki, listed under Special Event items! :)
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  13. Thank you.
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