Thanksgiving 2019

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  1. We at Empire Minecraft wish you and yours and very happy and safe thanksgiving. We are thankful for this amazing community of 8+ years and each of you has a part in that, so thank you all!

    To celebrate this year, please type /promo thanks19 to receive your own pair of Turkey Trotters!
    They'll give you an increased speed and the ability to fly off cliffs without being hurt (mostly). You'll be feeling like a turkey in no time.

    You can also purchase more for 30,000r each at /shopworld.

    Due to players spending time with their families, we have decided not to hold an event in-game today. We will however be hosting our Turkey Trot Event on Saturday the 30th at 4 pm EMC time. We hope that this gives more players the opportunity to join us.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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  2. Happy Thanksgiving !!!
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  3. Happy Thanksgiving EMC Friends have a great day
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  4. Happy Thanksgiving! :D
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  5. Wow those look awesome. Thanks so much!

    Happy Thanksgiving to the US folks. (Now I want thanksgiving again, dang Canada gotta do it a month before)
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  6. Happy Turkey Day and a wonderful Thanksgiving guys!!! Eat lots of turkey and cranberry sauce but not too much ;)

    And I hope you have a good time with family as well for real life time is always something that must be cherished.
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  7. Happy thanksgiving to you all! :3
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  8. Happy Thanksgiving Krysyy!

    Ah, Turkey and Mash Taters! It's special the lot of us coming together. Chow down folks, I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving with your families!
  9. Happy Thanksgiving :) Hope many of you have a great day today 💖
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  10. Happy Thanksgiving EMC :)
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  11. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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  12. Happy thanks giving everyone!

    i thought the shoes looked off for some reason and then i realized they didnt have the Final attribute haha love the name of the item especially!

    Edit: uhhhh is it suposed to say "Thankgiving"? (this might just me being dumb and not realizing it can be both ways but i think its missing the "s"?)
  13. After the amount I went through, haha doesn't surprise me that I misspelled that. Oh well...
  14. Well its good to know im know im not crazy thinking it wasnt the an alternate spelling or something haha
  15. Happy Thanksgiving everyone... Turkey and Pie for all.
  16. Thankful Dittos
  17. These boots are great. Running backwards away from a bunch of spiders was quite satisfying. :)
  18. Happy Black Friday.

  19. Hey long are they available for?
  20. Well, considering the Veteran's Day promo is still around, I'd say another week or so. This is, however, just a prediction, and is probably about as reliable as a politician's pinky promise.
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