Thanks EMC.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by cheviot5, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Well today I gave away my fortune in a pretty drastic way. First I threw all my goodies to a hungry crowd and then gave build perms. It was a pretty great site. You're probably wondering why. Well the reason is that it's time to move on. Even though I've been with EMC for less than a month, I figured it was time to find a new server. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this server but it's just missing something. Amazing community. Interesting server. It was well worth paying the $20. I really enjoyed this server and will miss some of the people I've met. Thanks Justin. Keep up the good work.
  2. Come back soon! :(
  3. Sorry to see you go and for supporting.

    Though, if I may ask, what is it that you feel we are missing?
  4. not sure. it just seems that it could use more fun side stuff. maybe like spleef plugins or arena tournies. just my opinion though.
  5. Have you seen our Nether Spleef arena on SMP1 by chance?
  6. *not trying to get in the middle, but getting already :p* I believe he is talking about this:
    Many servers attract players with stuff like that, just because it adds more fun to minecraft than just the default stuff :p
  7. yeah but it seems like people only go there when a staff member offers diamonds to the winner. with all due respect there really isnt anything that will bring me back. it's a great server but i guess i just want something new. maybe a smaller server.
  8. Makes sence what your saying :) I'll allways be excited to see new updates in the fututre
  9. I keep the idea in my mind that EMC it's just the professional way to play multiplayer, not like all those other servers that change plugins, staff, website, rules and etc everyday :p
    But yea, maybe people think different than me on this, anyways, good luck cheviot *you will be back soon, just as a little kid come's back to his mother :)*
    Have fun!
  10. Bu,bu,bu I hate it when people leaves *Crys* I dont want to make my graveyard again. :(