Idea - MiniGames for the Empire!

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  1. Hey!
    I'm new over here, but i've saw lots of cool stuff going on at the Empire! i love this server and the people who run it know's what they are doing.

    I got a basic idea, minigames.
    Well, the empire is awesome "as is" but maybe justin could handle something like official minigames that could be automatic and runned by server.

    MobArena, PvP Arena, Spleef arena, maze, parcour arena or any other type of minigame.
    The server runs a game when players come to each "stadium" and the players win prizes at the end :D *like a boss*

    -Some plugins that do this already *YES i know that all server plugins are coded by justin or something like that, this is just an example!-

    BEFORE you say "we don't need this because we can do it manually" please understand that this is an automatic idea, wich means, players can play whenever they want...

    If you liked my idea please tell me, if no, do so!

    Good Luck Have Fun!
  2. we have done almost all of these before, none of them were successful, and pvp will not be made allowed anywhere on emc, sorry
  3. We are looking at doing a Race for the Wool league. It qualifies as all of those except for a Spleef arena. :D
  4. tshack235 i may dissagree with you for 2 reasons.
    1. You are not a moderator, senior moderator, admin or any other to give an official answer.
    2. PvP HAS been requested by many members, even today this was discussed in-game with justin (couple words but it's still a discussion) a PvP arena could be the best shot for this topic, in my point of view.
  5. i respect your desicion, but there is no need to become angry :)
  6. :
    :D i saw it, i wanna be part (maybe of your team) or whatever :p may i join?

    -btw, i followed the thread about the wool race and i saw it's gonna be something bout an external server, my idea is for the empire servers, permantly.
  7. I'm not, tho i think you'r answer was a bit authoritarie, censoring type or even reprovative if i may say.
  8. It fits the bill, does it not? While it may not be a permanent installment, it serves as well. Oh, and I'm only looking to recruit Moderators or the people that I hold in high respect. (Not to say I do not respect you, but I do not know you as well as I may know others.)
  9. i realise i am not staff, but i can still tell players information they may have missed
  10. Thank you, bye.
  11. We already have a spleef arena, too. :D
    Nether Spleef - SMP1
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  12. that's from where i got idea, maybe i didn't explain too well this part
  13. All the race for the wool I have seen includes PvP...
    not saying this is a bad thing, but if Empire wants to stay away from PvP completely I don't know how this will go over.
    Still, I would consider Spleef PvP, so who knows! I would be interested in playing some of these games for sure! Hope race for wool becomes a happening thing soon! :)
  14. The main problem with mini games is essentially the prizes. There is no real secure way yet to run an automatic or unofficial game, and still have prizes. This has been shown to some extent with the nether spleef, as people only really want to play at it when it is being run officially with the chance of a nice prize for winning.
    If you can think of any possible ways that would automatically allow the winner/finisher to claim their entitled prize we would be happy to hear them :)
  15. I'm Shure there could be a easy way,
    This case remember's me of another server i played once, the system was pretty simple, here is what i remember from it:

    The mob arena is an special stadium in wich a group of players (starting with only 1 player) enters with different classes; Heavy, soldier and defensive.

    Each class choosen by players when clicking a sign on a specified room, has diferent "tools" for the players to play, when the match starts the player's inventory is stored and the server gives another inventory with the following stuff:

    Heavy: Get's full diamond armour (server provides) 2 meats and 1 diamond sword
    Soldier: Get's full iron armour, 4 apples, 1 iron sword and a bow with 64 arrows
    Defensive: Get's full gold armour, 8 meats and 1 iron sword

    -This can be customized whoever you guys wan't-

    When the match starts, the playes are positionated in group a the center of the arena (this is NOT PvP) and mobs start spawning by groups (or levels) when all mob's of one group/level is killed then another group comes.
    The game stops when all players die.

    Prizes: As each group can be cutomized, the prizes of each level might be different, here a simple example:
    1st group: 4 zombies -Prize: 2 meat + 1 stone sword (this are recieved at the end, when the original inventory is restored)
    2nd group: 2 zombies, 2 skeletons, 1 creeper - Prize: 4 meat + kit of stone tools + 1 iron ingot's
    3rd group: 4 skeletons, 2 creepers - Prize: 6 meat + iron sword + 2 iron ingot's
    4th group: 4 creepers, 4 spiders - Prize: 8 meat + full iron tools kit + 5 iron ingot's

    -That was just an example-

    Well that's pretty much the idea of how prizes could workout, maybe something like that could be applyed to other minigames, for PvP the prize could be an iron sword, for spleef the prize could be -As posted by Dark_liz- a diamond pick or shovel (shovel in case of made with snow)

    -Please remember this are just ideas, not a goverment law, so don't start raging saying "NO THIS WONT NEVER HAP3NNN NEVEREADERASDE!"-

    Thanks, bye.

    pd:/ Nice title shaun! Senior Mod now :D *like a boss* Congrats!