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  1. Dear EMC,

    Thank you for over 2 amazing years on this wonderful server. I joined back in 1.6 I think it was and have loved the server ever since. But with this thread, I'm am announcing my retirement from EMC. I have been having some very problematic situations and I'm not going to be able to return for months, and even when I will be able to return, I'm not sure if I will. I have lost so many great friends over the years that I have no one to play with anymore. I may be back one day but for now, farewell and thank you to all who have impacted my life. EMC has helped me through some difficult times and it's time for me to stop distracting myself and to face these problems.
    Thank you to all of you who make up this community, I will miss each and every one of you.
    Goodbye for now,
  2. I'm sorry to hear this, and I hope you will be back again. :(
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  3. Sorry to hear that. I hope you return in the future
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  4. Take care Wither. We'll be here if you ever want to come back :) Hopefully you find happiness somewhere.
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  5. Will you still be on Clash Royale? :p

    Also, sad to see you go.. ;(
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  6. Yes I'll still be on clash :p
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  7. Okay! Farewell! :)
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  8. Sorry to hear that, I hope everything goes well for you, and we hope to see you return one day :)
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  9. Sorry to hear that you are leaving, best of luck for the future :)
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  10. Good Luck in the future. Sad to hear this.
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  11. Good luck out there,

    Hope you can make it back if you choose. :)
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  12. I will miss you wither_addict, I hope what ever it is, is resolved and I wish you the best of luck in the future!
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  13. I liked your post, but only to show some morale support. Not because I like the situation you're in!

    I know this is easier said than done, but still... I know how you feel, I've also seen a lot of my friends eventually go derelict and in a few times even worse. That can be a major drag. But with 10 servers and often peeking at 200 players every day it should also be possible to find new friends.

    Of course that doesn't always work, but I do hope you might be able to give this a try. There are usually plenty of players around who do want to play. For the main reason that some might be just as bored as you are :)

    My tip: if you can't find any players available on your SMP then try another as well! All it takes is one command: /smpx (where x is 1-9) or /utopia.

    But... First and foremost I hope that you'll be able to sort out your problems. IRL always comes first.

    However, I sincerely hope that you'll drop by again in the future. You'll never know who you may run into then...

    Hope all goes well wither!
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  14. Im sorry to hear this. I hope you return to us in the future and find happiness in what your gonna be doing :3
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  15. Thanks shel, your post glitched out my phone and I got 24 emails from your one reply :p. I'll be back one day hopefully, not sure when, but sometime. Thank you again
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  16. Hey, Firstly i'd like to say your in my thoughts and prayers, hope your situation gets better. I know what its like to have a lot of problems in life, I hope you don't have to suffer what I did. I'm sorry that you have to leave, you've made my time on EMC some of the best i've had. Thank you for all the derping around and always being there to help. You've helped me to feel better after life goes wrong and you've been there to facepalm when I make stupid mistakes, for all this I say Thank you and I hope to see you one day again. Will you still be on the forums until you possibly come back?
    Thanks for all the laughs,
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  17. i dont know u, we never met or talked, but i do hope u come back someday. i think theres always ppl somewhere who want 2 play.
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  18. Thank you for all your words! Posting a little update, the surprising amour of support helped raise my overall grade 6 points, I may be returning sooner than expected! So for the millionth time, Thank you!