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  1. Hello EMC'ers! I have reached 101 followers on the website. I would like to thank everybody who has followed me, and everybody I am following. I would not be were I am without you guys! :)

    (This could not be posted on my status because I wanna give a speech.... a very long one)

    Speech Part:
    I wanna thank all of the EMC'ers through my doubts, and through my messed-up stages. You guys are all helpful, and very supportive! I would like to thank the following:

    All of my great friends, amazing people, moderators, staff members, great EMC'ers, and more can be found here: https://empireminecraft.com/members/wonderwoman_16.82490/ . Thank you guys so much for being awesome! Scroll down, and click the 'Followers' tab.

    All of these people are great, and amazing. Even if you are not following me, or I am not following you, you are amazing too! Thank you all!
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  2. I spotted this waay too late :(

    Thanks for the nice words Kitty! And congratulations with 101 (now 104, lol) followers! Onto 200! :)
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  3. Yes, a lot of people followed me since then XD
    PS: Two people followed me today, I have 106 followers! Thanks guys! :D
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