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  1. I'm not sure what texture packs people find popular, I've seen some crazy cool, but dramatically different styles out there.

    Many people I talk to use the default texture, and I just wanted to share that I've personally fallen in love with the "Faithful" pack. It seems to adhere to the same default texture patterns but just ups the resolution.

    Here is a shot where I noticed a dramatic difference.

    Anyway, Just thought I'd share. You can get the pack here.


    PS. That villager is very happy, don't worry!
  2. Faithful is a very good texture pack. I've used it for years and it is really nice
  3. Fatithful it is :cool:
    #FFFTW (FaithFull For The Win)
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  4. It just looks like everything is thinner...
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  5. I'm not a fan of it. I think I can understand why you'd like it, though.
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  6. If you like faithful maybe try R3DCraft.

    It also stays true to the default style but is HD.
  7. I like faithful, I used it on my old laptop because it was some of the few packs it could actually run :p Now I use the 512x R3DCraft because I like it a little more. It stays mostly like default but puts a little more detail than faithful does.
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  8. I think its important in collaborate building to all be seeing the same thing, this is just easier on my eyes :)
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  10. What. That texture pack makes villagers look like disguised zombies lol.