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  1. Other than Minecraft, I play another Minecraft. But it really isn't. The game is called Terraria, Pretty much a half fast version of Minecraft. It is a 2-D Action Packed game and has a TON of swords, axes, pickaxes, and a replacement for shovels, Hammers. Just like the nether, you can go to the underworld just for digging down enough. The underworld is also called Hell. Demons and hellbats and lava slimes and all the other random stuff. This game is very cool and action packed. There are even more bosses. The game is rated T(not that it matters) and it can be a substitute for if you don't prefer Minecraft. One more thing. You even have NPC's(non playable characters). The starter NPC is a Guide. My first one was Asher, Now it is Seth because I threw a voodoo doll in lava and it summoned the Wall of Flesh. Some NPC's (Mechanic, Demolitionist, Dryad etc.) you can buy stuff from for coins, The currency for Terraria. Copper, Silver, and Gold are the coins available(so far). This is ShyguytheGamer1, SIGNING OFF!
  2. Why are you posting this on EMC?

    Once people join EMC, you never will do anything else.

    /Half Sarcasm

  3. EDIT: What am I doing with my life?
  4. Dang.

    My best game time wise in Portal 2 at somewhere around 130 hours I think. But, only around 60 of those hours is actually playing - the rest is just afk'ing :p
  5. Never joke around with portal 2. I beat that game in 1 hour and 30 minutes, and that with some generous rounding.
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  6. How? I finished it for my 3rd time in like.. 16 hours?

    Or is that sentence you said false? ;)
  7. true
  8. I played Terraria for a while (Got titanium armor and such) but got bored too quickly and didn't have anything to do...

  9. Feel free to add me on steam, we can play some time :)
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  10. I have 349 hours in game.. I think I've reached hardmode on like three or four worlds.
  11. I have it on tablet but it has deleted my account like 4 times so I quit(I got to hard mode like 3 times)
  12. Is it odd that I get both of these references? :p
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  13. I got the generous rounding one, too :p
  14. Me to the 2nd time
  15. I get them to!
  16. Explain them to me :p
  17. That name is too general.
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  18. The sentence one is a paradox said by GLaDOS to blow up wheatly. (It didn't work)
    The rounding one is another thing said by glados.
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