Terraria! players Thread!

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  1. Everyone who has terraria and wants to talk about all things terraria this is the place for you! you can talk about anything terraria related I want these rules to be followed
    Rules: no cursing! ( I know underworld items can have "he double hockey sticks (ll) but to keep this thread clean lets use nether in place ;))
    NO insulting others! (I would not like anyone to feel like they are being mistreated in this thread)

    Please keep this thread terraria related! (talking about terraria mods are included in terraria related along with minecraft mods that are terraria related

    I'll start, on Xbox version of terraria I have all dragon and spectral armor with Tizona and Gunigir wit a fairy bell and a hamdarx with sparkly wings my accessories are spectre boots, obsidian shield mana flower and Philosopher stone,

    my PC version I have crimtane armor deathbringer pickaxe the meatball rotted fork the undertaker and water boltand my harpoon my accessories are shoe spikes and climbing claws aglet natures gift and an aglet

    my ipad version has all gold armor and corruption tools but pick axe is gold my accessories are aglet shackle natures gift and hermes boots

    enjoy the thread!
  2. PC: almost all hard mode dungeon items, turtle armor, spooky hook, terra blade, wisp in a bottle, (and some more stuff) equipped I have an ank shield, (highest boots teir), tattered fairy wings, fire gantlet, and warrior emblem :) best that
  3. It would be cool to see some bases you guys have built in terraria! :)
  4. My friend says he is ranked number 4 in the world of this game. I think not
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  5. I got Terraria the day after Thanksgiving at the Steam sale. It's kind of difficult to place blocks, though. My friend was going to tell me about it, but never got around to it, can you tell me a little about it?
  6. I only have ios. Hard mode will come out with 1.2, and I am fully prepared.

  7. *looks at sad copper armor*
  8. I have nothing... Cause i am a Terraria nublet. :p Anyone have some good tips for a new player? Thigns to do first? Areas to stay away from, areas to loot?
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  9. Most any work worth showing is pre-1.2, but I'd made a showcase and download available. Not sure if the schematics are still usable with 1.2-era versions of TEdit though.
    There's a few schematics I've posted from the 1.2 update as well, styled after my FTL "Incursion" mod.
    Share your schematics! 2013-10-26_00001.jpg
    I'm barely ever active on those boards, but I suppose it's one more place you can find me, if you're of a mind to.
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  10. first off get wood armor and a wood sword then go chop downs some cactus for some cacti armor and atleast a cacti sword, look out for vultures or strange purple or red stone grass or sand, hope this helps :)
    he can only be in number 4 in the world if he hacks because everyone in the top 10 or above uses hacks...
  11. Hmm I have the game on PC however barely started, but I'd love to play with someone sometime!
  12. I've played terraria to death. Did a 1.1 hardcore playthrough and a 1.2 mediumcore playthrough.. can kill Destroyer in a tenth of a second, and have set the all-time damage record at 1260.

    Need lunar boss, so there's something to do again.
  13. if anyone here has a static ip with a portforward feel free to PM me so we can se if we can get a terraria server for all of you up!
  14. I got the game a couple of months back and got the full shadow armor set but haven't played it much since...
  15. A month ago, I'd for-sure sign on to host a terraria server. I just can't get hyped up on the idea of another 1.2 playthrough, especially since I have had bad experiences with servers involving more than two people.
  16. Well I tried and it ended up messing up my computer because I did something wrong lol
  17. I'm pretty satisfied with my home on Terraria here. Terraria Home.png
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  18. That's cool! The interior decoration makes it look really nice :)
    Is there a spot for NPCs?
  19. There was only one NPC in my world named Brian and he got killed by zombies and never respawned.
  20. Replace your snow backwall with any other kind of backwall, even snow that you've placed yourself. All your housings are unsuitable at the moment. Every room needs a surface and comfort item, as well, which can be things like desks and tables, or chairs and beds, respectively.
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