Teleporting Chaos

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  1. I am building a teleport room on my res, with a bunch of signs. However when I walk a few blocks, its starts teleporting me, even though I didn't click on the teleport sign. Could EMC please fix this glitch?
  2. Are you walking on top of the teleport sign?
  3. Well the directory has 4 floors, so yea. But each floor is 2 blocks high
  4. I believe that is the problem. Try moving them and see if it still does it.
  5. That is the problem indeed. Look at this wiki page, this section explains how signs can be activated.

    So; 2 blocks below or above the plate will trigger the sign. You definitely will need more room.
  6. I know that, but I didn't put any pressure plates down.
  7. That's also by design. See the section above the pressure plates; 'movement'. Although a pressure plate can be used you can also opt. to simply use a solid block instead.
  8. Movement(top)

    Feature Signs can be activated by walking over a solid block. The activating players feet can be in air, powered redstone wire, water, lava and portals. The player must be 2 blocks above the sign.
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  9. Pressure plates are optional.