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  1. I built my base in the wild and I really want to check out the town so if I do /town and go to town can I do /home and be teleported back to my base or do I have to travel all the way back by foot?
  2. Start running.
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  3. Basically what he said.

    In the future, Aikar will implement a way to transport to and from but for now, you are screwed.
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  4. Unfortunately you can't use /res tpset in the wild. Best thing you can do is record the coordinates, find an easy way to and from that nobody else can find easily, and be ready to fight if you go back at night.

    That being said, you can set spawn points using a bed in the wild should you die. :)
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  5. Another solution is to play in the wild on one server and join a different server to visit a town. Use the /server command. It might not be what you are trying to do, but I love being able to do different things on different servers but still be on EMC.
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  6. great...... thats what I thought. Oh well I am adventurous, I guess thats why I live in the wildy so ill figure it out. Thanks all.