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Should I make a Mass fabricator?

Yes 3 vote(s) 42.9%
No 4 vote(s) 57.1%
  1. I don't have an HV-solar array, or even enough coal. I have two LV-solar array's and a solar panel. My question is, should I make a Mass Fabricator yet? I want one to make quantum armor. (Yes, I am aware I need an MFSU, I have one :p)
  2. As a person who does not play Tekkit, I wish I knew what half those words mean :(
  3. You're power output would be not be high enough to sustain a Mass Fab, Get atleast 3 MV arrays first.
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  4. k
  5. I have to agree with the above focus on building 1 HV-soalar array I know it takes a lot of materials but this would be enough to power a massfab. Your other machines will struggle for power even with that working but it will make UU for you.

    Attach a recycler with a EE chest put in 1 cobble or similar and 1 diamond feed the recycler by connecting pipes and rs-piston then connect with pipe and rs-piston to underside of massfab will give you enough UU in a day or so. depending on the server your on.
  6. I normally just shoot for a reactor and use the HV for extra power :)
  7. So close to thinking this was another request for Tekkit lol.
    I haven't even played Tekkit and I know a thing or two.
    Tekkit with Duncan, best tutorial out there.
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  8. I think he is trying to build a flux-capacitor to put on his Delorean. But I don't play tekkit so I could be wrong.
  9. It could also be dylitium crystal captain :D
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  10. Well, if you want the fastest UU-matter making. Use a Nuclear Reactor with full uranium in every slot except for 8 slots. The other 8 slots are reserved for ice, which you input into it using redpower mods, the pneumatic tubes and such. Then have a timer to take out a pack every second, thus in keeping your reactor safe. Be warn, you will need multiple HV-Transformers in order to step down the power to 512 EU/s or else your fab will explode, along with all other machines that can not withstand the excessive power.

    It should generate about 25,000 EU/s (probably more or less than that), I think this is correct, not 100% sure. All I know it generates heaps amount of power.
  11. This is the Empire right now...
    or just me.....
  12. what is tekkit?
  13. tekkit is minecraft but modded so there is much more to it, you build solar panels to power your machines such as a macerator the crushes iron ore and coal into dust for coal you get 1 dust for iron and other ores you get 2 dust you can then smelt this into ingots so you get 2 ingots from 1 ore. The coal dust can be made into an item that is used in quantum armour or advanced machine blocks you can also build nuclear power station, if it is not looked after it can explode and cause a lot of damage so this item tends to be banned on most servers :D

    You can also make flying rings and much more, I would recommend you look at some video's on youtube such as Yogscastlalna his tekkit series is very good
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  14. Its really confusing i just put things together and hope they work! :D
  15. I played tekkit a few times before but was never really super interested in making mass producing machines, instead I built machines that could handle simple task and mine for me such as making a quarry.
  16. I made auto cobble gens > auto furnaces > auto crafting table > stone slabs > glowstone > sell it! :D
  17. no u need a lot more power to use mass fabricator well
    if u have a volcano nearby then use some geothermal power and store it in a MFSU to deliver that power to mass fab
    or get lots of solo panels (LOTS)
    although i have never tried i would also use that nuclear reactor for power
    wind and water are not that affective tho
  18. made a fully automated HV-Solar Array factory, big job that one
  19. Blerhk.... an HV Solar Array factory is a pain to make. Half way through the process then my friend blew it up with nukes. Sad day for me :(

    You only need 3 HV Solar Arrays to actually fully function a Mass Fabricator. Or if you want the "REALLY" fast method, use the Nuclear Reactor with full uranium with 8 slots of ice pumping in. Then you massively produce UU-Matter. :)