Ted 2 Thread

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  1. I want to make this thread to discuss and see who else plans on seeing Ted 2. I am not able to put the official trailer because it is not EMC Appropriate but I am able to link the trailer on IMDB in a spoiler warning you it may contain language.

    I had to put it in a spoiler guys, but I am almost certain those who watch any cable tv have seen the trailer either way.

    Who plans to see Ted 2? I wont see it until Monday or Tuesday following the release (The theatre where I live does $5 Matinee showings Monday-Thursday ;))

    Feel free to discuss etc, but be warned that this movie contains adult humor and language if you decide to look further into it.
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  2. I really want to see it. Might not be able to though XD.
    I really liked the first Ted, and the trailer for the 2nd Ted.

    So I might be able to see it I'll have to discuss it with my parents :)
  3. Hey look a discussion about me! :p
  4. Yeah finally a good movie getting out, hope I have the chance to see it.
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  5. No... this is a discussion about...
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  6. I don't see the difference
  7. ill be seeing this tomorrow.
  8. Totally going to see it online i am not leaving my house the theaters hear get so packed
  9. I completely ignored it until they put those awful sponsored Imgur posts.
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  10. I saw the movie.

    The sperm falling on that guy and the Kardashian joke being made had me in tears.
  11. You and the couple million others who had to see those many, many cheap ads. Put a bad taste in my mouth, personally.