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  1. I got a Canon Rebel t5i for Christmas so here are some pictures I took!
    Follow my Instagram @sydsphotograph for more pictures

    My cat, Sasha

    Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, I may have cheated by using the "art bold" effect to brighten the colors

    Again, I used the art bold effect :D

    Sunny Winter Day

    Mountains :D

    If you have any tips for a new photographer feel free to post them below
    I will post some more soon, hopefully some good wildlife photos :)
  2. I like your kitty ,;)Send her to me in a mail Box......
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  3. Those are awesome
  4. Sasha looks so cute in those photos! :D
  5. Great pictures :D
  6. I went to a very pretty area on the Virginia/West Virginia border over the weekend
    Look like the water level went down a few inches after it froze, not totally in focus but it seemed cool :) image.jpg
    Bridge Over the Cowpasture river image.jpg
  7. Wow, those pictures in your second post are reaally beautiful!
    Really nice, they're great!
    I hope you'll post more! :)
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  9. Nice pictures!
    Is there something edited or do I just not get that girl's shirt?

    Edit: Wait, that girl equals you? :eek:
    I hadn't realised that xD
  10. The shirt had the name of my school on it, so I blurred the name.
    And yes I am the girl (not the deer) in the picture ;)
  11. Haven't posted in a while, here's a 'spring' update.

    Spring is here! ;)
  12. :o Beautiful!
    Spring is nearing here too! Me and my friends have a thing, where the spring only starts when the sheep come back. They aren't there yet, so... got to wait a bit! The weather is already changing for the better though.
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  13. Is that like 8k or something? XD
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  14. Beautiful pics Tech! Love your kitty "Sasha." :)
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  15. I got a new macro-lens attachment from Amazon, it seems to do good so far!

    I zoomed all the way out for an interesting effect...

    Let me know what you think! Any tips/constructive criticism is appreciated :)
  16. They look very beautiful. I'm not sure how to describe it in photographic terms, but it look great.
  17. Here a few recent pics

    I got an instagram, I think photos look better edited, what do you all think?
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  18. I like the non-edited one more I think, actually. They're both good though, so I don't really mind whatever you choose. The first picture is also really beautiful!
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  19. I'm not sure if I prefer the original or the edited, either way they look great! Nice pics Tech!
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