Taste of Freedom Steaks

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  1. Hello people,
    Everyone has been trying to get those very tasty Promo Steaks.

    Well I will tell you all but there is a catch though.
    Ill only tell you guys once this post gets 100 Likes on this post or when there is 50 replies to this thread.

    Good luck.
    Heres a picture to show you I really know how to get them.
    taste of freedom.jpg

    OK its been long enough ill let you know everything I know.

    1. The Special Steaks will drop on any difficulty. (I was on Player Setting level 1)
    2. The Special Steaks will only drop from naturally Adult cows in the wild or waste (cow eggs will not work from my experience)
    3. The Special Steaks will drop whether you are using none fire aspect sword or fire aspect swords ( I used non fire aspect )
    4. The Special Steaks might drop more often if using looting swords I'm not sure about this since all my swords are Looting III.
    5. Best way to find natural cows is go in waste or wild to unloaded chunks (Plains will have loads in packs of 4)
  2. replies
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  3. Yes, replies
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  4. Everyone Reply! I Need To Get This!
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  5. I'm no steak Ho!

    Edit: I like your accent though, so I'll give you a Like for that.
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  6. Change to difficulty level 10, boom, no more comments or likes. :p
  7. Thanks deathconn !
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  8. Does The Level 10 Difficulty Mean We Have To Kill Them In The Wastelands Deathconn? Please Help Me Out!
  9. I got them in wild on difficulty 5 :)
  10. always someone ruining the fun. guess the cat out of the bag but there's still 1 more condition that the cow need to meet in order to get the drop
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  11. He is not ruining the fun, he is simply telling you what is okay, and what is not on EMC. You should appreciate that instead of typing something like that... He could just delete your thread, and not saying anything? But did he do that? Nope. He gave you a chance, that you choose to use like that...
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  12. I wasn't talking about bloodra1n's comment i was referring to weeh666. sorry it wasn't clear
  13. Hmmm, didn't realise I was ruining fun - I thought I was sharing acquired knowledge with others :)
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  14. I was going to let everyone know anyways. no harm done :p
    I'll still wait a bit longer to let players know the best way to get them. I'm not doing this for any profit, just wanted to have players look forward to it. I mainly gave the steaks to friends, I'm not going to sell them.
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  15. I can confirm that in Town, 100 cows, Difficulty 10 (use /diff to see when it takes affect), Using Looting III sword, gives you No special drops.
    So, must be in Wild only.
    No special steaks for me atm. (Edit: I got some, gift from SkareCboi and Bro_Im_Infinite and from a wild adventure with my brother).

    Also, I learned that when you are on /diff 10, beacon effects do not work.
    At first I thought this was a bug.
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  16. You never said we couldn't reply twice :p