Taking care of business.

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  1. Ok guys This is it.

    The big goodbye. Try not to shed to many tears! I'm taking my leave of EMC. Its been a blast. Its been real. I've loved it all.

    Why? You may ask. When you stop enjoying your time playing a game somewhere it is best to end it. Like ripping off a band-aid.

    I'm banned for two more days but after I am unbanned I will take care of the following business...

    I am going to move it all to somewhere safe. When I do that I will send each of you a PM on the forums letting you know where to pick it up at.

    Everyone else -
    I am going to go through my res and give most of the best stuff to my friends - then I will open up my res to all and let everyone take what they want. Deconstruct everything and what not. Most of my money is already gone.

    I am going to release my (& Nolan's) two tutorials here on the forums as my final parting gift. We have them mostly done and they were made for EMC anyhow. I'm not sure what else I could do with them - & I hate to see them go to waste. So keep an eye out for them this week.

    To my beautiful friends - You all know how to reach me. <3

    <3s to all

  2. this saddens me so me much. :(
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  3. Enjoy your next game :)
  4. sorry to see another member leave the family you and me might not have talked a whole lot we've butted heads before but that's all in the past all i can is good luck in where the road of life takes you hopefully you will come back some day but that's up to you once again good luck and goodbye.
  5. Take care now.
  6. Not you Melody! Why?!?!?!?!
  7. Bye Melody.
    I hope you come back some day.

    There's always a reason, but sometimes you just don't ask.
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  8. I was being dramatic, not asking why. Like in movies, someone died and then someone holds them up in their arms and Scream : WHY!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!???!?!
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  9. Wow, This is the first time someone leaving has made me sad.
    I will miss you Melody. :(
  10. After I posted I realized it was probably a rhetorical question...
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  11. Taking care of business... everyday?
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  12. nope just in a couple of days when I am unbanned =p
  13. So you are taking care of business... every way?
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  14. What will happen to FTB?
  15. :( This saddens me

    I hope you go on to greater things not necessarily minecraft related.
  16. Now I'm sad....