Taking a break.

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Should i stay?

YUS PLEASE 7 vote(s) 50.0%
YES 7 vote(s) 50.0%
Who are you again? 2 vote(s) 14.3%
NOPE NOPE 3 vote(s) 21.4%
GET AWAY NAO 2 vote(s) 14.3%
Kittehs 6 vote(s) 42.9%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I think that i need some time off of emc. I actually got angry when i saw this


    And that is not good.

    In six days, i will be two years old on emc. Jeez. Time flies when you were having fun.

    Now what to do. AHA! Life story!


    I joined emc on april 9, 2012, and i loved it at first sight. I claimed my res, payed all of my rupees to a guy who told me to do - /r pay *censored* 1000 - because it would give me unlimited diamonds. Got scammed. Left for 10 minutes. Came back. Guy was banned. Money was in my balance.


    Mod be like: Technologygeek was kicked. Reason: No caps Please.

    Well then.

    Made my noob shack (dirt) and sold dirt. several people gave me a TON of rupees and i was at like 10k in my first week. Then, i decided that 10k wasn't enough so i went to the wild aaaand griefed. I destroyed an entire grinder base and killed a guy with lava. THREE minutes later edmund banned me. I raged but now i say GOOD JOB. If i hadn't been banned i would have never become the 730+ day guy i am now. I appealed the next day to edmund, with a MASSIVE text wall. Edmund and i talked and he unbanned me. I then decided to get diamond and make a shop! It sucked. I then made a casino! Terrible. THEN i just played around with redstone for a bit and made my n00B shack pretteh. Then, Maisymonkey went AWOL. Then Vegawood went AWOL. I needed new friends. I met SDOliveira and we have been bros ever since. We started a place called the DEN, a secret organisation that stopped griefers and had a sweet base.

    -month passes of nothing-

    I fixed up my res, made the box... thing... that you can see now, and invited my friend Zix_Kid to join. He did, and then went AWOL. Then herbrin3 went AWOL and quit because of bugs.

    -a lot of stuff for like 6 months-

    I created the DENTRIX, a secret organisation that didi the same thing as the DEN but with a cooler name. Time passes.

    -Skip to 4 months ago-

    I request Eclipsys Master Building services to build me a tower on my 4th res to make a base for the dentrix. I start using the forums more and more. I was actually living off of emc.

    I don't even think i was well known.

    List of friends:

    SDO -c u later bruh-
    Chasca -thx for teh avatar-

    If i missed you, pm me :)

    Bye guys,

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  2. I know you are mad as I was but, what you think is happening isn't and that's as far as i'm going to say.
  3. I can't be in a place where the 'leader' says that booting one of the original founders off of the admin team is 'progress'
  4. come to smp2 I will explain.
  5. mmh. mkay
  6. Then you have answered your own question, but I would recommend some time away and get a clearer perspective. Many times I was told by ICC that he had his way of managing the server and while many may not agree with Aikar's decision he is now the owner and he has his way of running it. I know ICC will be fine in what ever he does and I know many will miss him being staff but it is not the end of EMC just a different chapter.

    Take a break you will feel better soon and able to make a more rational decision as to what you want to do. You will also feel better for just having a break from minecraft.

    I know all the rules are important but the one that I think is the most important is Have Fun and if it is not then have a break. :)
  7. Dude, come on. Don't make this such a problem. In my opinion everyone is making it a lot bigger than it really is and you would really need to think this through and think another time tomorrow, when you slept.
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  8. Lol well you see that in the real world to. Called real life. Stuff happens.
  9. This has nothing to do with the icc stuff. Absolutes nothing. I just need to stop CONSTANTLY thinking about emc :D
  10. Well I'm sorry then, your timing isn't that good though... :p
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  11. I am currently taking a break from Minecraft to clear my head. Simetimes we all need that :)
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  12. OMG
    A LAMA
  13. Potatopotato popotato. *nods*
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