Take that EA games!

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  1. The video tells everything :D.
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  2. I have an opinion most dont have, i like EA. The games I grew up playing were all from EA, and i always find that their customer service is AMAZING. just 3 days ago i wanted to transfer a game to another account, the person who helped me gave me another code for it.
  3. I only play one EA game, that is The Simpsons:Tapped Out
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  4. I also grew up with EA games( FIFA and all sims games :D, and Battle field), but they screw up all the games.
  5. You cant really expect any game to not have some bugs at launch. I never buy the games until months after they come out anyways, so i never have a problem.
  6. Still, they screw up BattleField launch, and Sims city launch.
  7. Battle field 4 is an Amazing game...
  8. Is way better than Cod, but they screw up when it was launched.
  9. Yes...bet then COD, but how was it messed up on launch?
  10. They where many bugs and problems when players wanted to get online, they even could not enter to a online game.

    Here is a video about that.
  11. COD's devs favorite tool is copy&paste (just look at it, its gotten much worse in some places since BO2):p plus aliens?!? really....
  12. EA aren't the best company around, but they publish some of the best games you will ever find in gaming. Battlefield, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Medal Of Honor (The old ones :p), Crysis, Sims, and more. They do make bad games like Fifa etc., and have terrible customer service, and they're not exactly too well run. They also prey on smaller companies - kind of like what the Milky Way does with galaxies/solar systems - and Origin is, well...terrible.
    Yes... but then Battlefield, how copy and pasted is its code and how terrible are its graphics and how much is has its gameplay gone stale, and how bad is its multiplayer?
    This isn't down to EA. Sure they provide the servers but its DICE and Maxis' fault.
  13. Still they take all the responsablitiy of what happens to the games.
  14. As a little side note, if you look past the sever issues/DRM etc. SimCity is a pretty good game.
    I don't think EA is a bad company necessarily, they just make some bad decisions.
    Like most companies some might say.
  15. They're not the developers though. Just the publishers. Deep Silver don't take the blame on how bad Saints Row IV and Dead Island Riptide were. Volition and Techland do.
  16. True :D
  17. True. I know they are the publishers. But they still have to know that, if they don't have the video game 100% ready,don't launched, or the people who spend for those games will be mad. I buy Battle Field 4 for playing online for ps3,what happened i coudn't play. I wanted to play simcity,what happened I coudn't play because of server problems.
  18. True, but it wasn't just EA doing that. Grand Theft Auto: Online was literally plagued with problems and once they were fixed Rockstar did very little to compensate for the players. You lost a 2 million dollar worth car because when you logged out of your PSN account your player got wiped? Oh, you're just going to get $100 back and then waste 6 hours of your life getting the car back again - or you can steal one from another player and then get hunted down by everyone in the game.
  19. But they did release the stimulus package of $500,000, which is a fairly large chunk of money in game and is enough to buy the best house, and a decent car and boat, still with some change. Also, you can just insure the car to get it back should it be stolen or destroyed. And any insured car can't be stored and kept by another player between sessions I believe.
  20. Rockstar is actually quite good at compensating players, but most of the problems shouldn't been there in the first place :p

    God, I can't wait until I get that game in 2 weeks... there is much fun to be had! :p