Tags are in bad condition - some ideas

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  1. Hi EMC People!

    Did you type /v +shop or /v +mall lately? Did you find a working and/or good shop?

    I have some ideas:

    Idea 1) Clear up old ones

    All shops with no sign-shops should be removed of +shop and +mall list.

    Idea 2) Automatic generated tags

    Every residence with more than 10 sign shops comes to /v +shopchecked and every residence with more than 100 sign shops comes to /v +mallchecked. These two tags cannot be taken manually.

    Idea 3) Don't change tagging system - use the website

    Make a web site with a table on it, refreshed once a week:

    Server | Residence | Count of sign shops | buy flag for all | sell flag for all

    SMP1 | 218 | 712 | true | true

    Do you have other ideas? Tell it here...

    Yours sincerely,
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  2. I agree that a lot of res's are incorrectly marked with shop or mall tags, but there's no good way to go about fixing it really.

    I think the only way to do it is to be polite and message the player in game, and ask them to remove it. Sometimes people just forget
  3. I like idea 2 a lot. I've used /v +shop on servers that I don't know very well and most of the time there is nothing there. Have a lower number for the 'shop check' is good for those smaller shops and a higher number for malls would work as well.

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  4. Contacting each play is difficult. Many on the list were not on for weeks or months.
  5. personally, i like the op's idea. +1
  6. You can also report like so

    /report name SS removal of shop tag as there is no shop,
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  7. Totally a plus one, im tired of going to +shop and getting a direlect nublets mall selling dirt for 1k a stack xD
  8. I think rather than automatically putting on tags the should be a minimum amount of shops on one res for the shop or mall tag to be used. If a player goes direlict the tags should all be removed. This system won't completely fix the problems, but it will stop the residences with one out of stock wheat farm tagged as a mall.
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  9. there's one problem I have, as a mall owner, wich I want to share:

    I did make my own mall, about two years ago (at residence 1145 those days) I started to add, and add and add items to it, and, as you can understand, the mall became to small, so, I started with building a new mall (about a year ago, at 1144) with loads of space in it, the res got moved and other things like that, but the account were that res is on has been diamond supporter, and I'ave, of corse, set all the residence taggs during those days, so that I was able to add all I wanted, the only problem: the mall BUILD has been finished a few weeks ago, I think it might be completely done in a few months, but the taggs are there, of corse.

    in short: you don't want (or owners don't want) to get taggs removed by furure malls, so you can't automaticly do something, wich means this sistem maby won't work.