System Derelict Improvements 5/17/14

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  1. Hello everyone! One complaint we received that we have now hopefully rectified is the fact that many old derelict builds have been wiped out due to the new player influx.

    While the system was doing its job, it is disheartening to see some of those go when so many new player res's are sitting abandoned.

    Therefor, we have tweaked the system derelict reclaim to favor new players over old.

    We are also being even more aggressive to the new players who abandon EMC and leave the empty res there.

    note: activity is defined as logged in or voted.
    The new System Derelict rules are now as follows to be eligible for system derelict reclaim:
    • No activity for more than 30 days (so your also older than 30 days)
    • No activity for more than 15 days and your last login was less than 10 days after joining.
    • No activity for more than 10 days and your last login was less than 5 days after joining.
    • No activity for more than 5 days and your last login was less than 1 day after joining.
    This should directly target abandoned players, and progressively increase the baseline derelict timer as a player plays on EMC. Once a player has logged in on their 11th+ day on the Empire, they will earn the 30 day protection.

    And finally, the order that Residences are chosen now averages last activity to first login. So newer players will be in the list before older players.

    I have also reduced the amount of reclaims at a time to 20 (from 50), so with the auto rotation we should hopefully be evenly distributing new players now and the system will be primarily focusing on new players who gave up on EMC instead of old. But, if growth in 1 stretch of time out paces a past, it is still possible for an older player to be derelict, so keep playing/voting!

    The in game force claim has not updated to these rules yet. We will try to get it updated as soon as possible.

    Here is the code for those interested :)
  2. Awesome. Hopefully this Inspires New Players to Stay on EMC. But even if it doesn't, it will keep our res's open for other new players.
    Edit: First! [ I think this is my first time being first! ]
  3. This looks good! :D
  4. I read that as:

    Therefor, we have twerked the system derelict reclaim to favor new players over old.

    In my mind I was thinking: Wut da heck did I just read lol
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  6. yay! if only this happened a month ago three elder smp6ers would still have reses :( but i liek the update!
  7. Well, Justin created the management tools, but I'm not arguing against it :p I could do it all in bash, but PHP has lots of useful utils ready to make things simpler.

    if (!Server::isRunning('smp1')) {
    Core::error('somethings wrong!');

    is pretty clean =P
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  8. So does it make constant API calls to the server? And, is the PHP just for the basic server management? I'm just confused about how you could use PHP to manage the servers :p
  9. The PHP is just a wrapper around bash commands that runs directly on the same physical server.

    Here is some of the code for example:

    then the rough execution is like "mc stop smp1" will route to "php scripts/stop.php smp1"
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  10. I love the additions to favor players that have committed to the Empire. I'd possibly suggest adding further res safety bonuses to long-time players (at like 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or something like that). I mean, I'd like to see more bonuses for players that have stuck around in general, but I think this is one important place to add them.
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  11. And note... PHP can do almost anything. I wrote a web based MMO in PHP :3

    Justin said he wrote a DNS server.

    If you actually know what your doing, PHP is a complete enough language it can do a lot... just not always the best in performance and code manageability.
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  12. it would be really cool if somehow the system was able to recognize how long you have owned a res and been on minecraft. i know im not wording that right but like my first res ive owned since the day i started emc im sure theres a few other people who never abandoned their original res too maybe some kind of derelict reward system for that kind of player as well :D
  13. Ok, so what else can you get going with he PHP? Are all commands and the like still based in a java plugin?
    Maybe I should continue learning it... I've done some stuff, but I stopped. What else do you think PHP could do?
  14. Do you think you could add if you are gone away from the Empire 100+ days, you spawn in the Tutorial again?
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  15. I'd probably support this, a player could skip if they want to. The issue is the tutorial is designed for new players, not players who have been here before, but possibly need to be informed on new features etc.
  16. Well first I have to thank bitemenow for saving my res on smp6 he could have easily kept it.

    Secondly things are so much better on there now with all the new players and finally great news on the res reset system update. While their was some real eye sores griefed and abandoned long ago by there owners there was also some res that where very nice, now lost to time.

    We will have some new great builds by the new players though in time. :D
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  17. I love this!
  18. Yay! When i first claimed by res(s) months ago, i was very much surrounded by various strange builds. Now I am surrounded by reses with signs in the middle and nothing else... I feel like i live in a wasteland.

    Hopefuly this populates Town with builds instead of reset reses. :)
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  19. I am still upset over the loss of my and my alts reses, but hopefully this will make the empire a better place.