Switch Servers?

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  1. Hey guys, I'm thinking of moving. I guess this is help, cause ya'll are helping me. So, should I move? My res has a HUGE thing, built with over 80 stacks of planks. Should I move? Check out my res on smp1 at 507. To decide if I should chop it down.
  2. It's not our choice it's yours so we really dont care I'm not trying to be rude
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  3. I was wondering if any other good servers would be reccomended.
  4. smp4 is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY better.... just saying
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  5. If YOU wanna move server go ahead move server, not for being harsh but i don't think alot of people will care about you changing server. You should ask your friends instead of everybody :p
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  6. I agree
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  7. Come to SMP2, we have me, and Alex, and krysyy, and moose, and Virstis, and Robot_Chicken, and hayley (occasionally) and so many more...
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  8. Ya I aggre go to smp2 I kinda wish I settled there but I just have met so many amzing people on smp1.
  9. I've decided..... I'm moving to smp2. Would anyone help chop down my house?
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  10. I will later today. I have an English project to finish.
    Would you like to be brought into District 18? I can get you in soon :)
  11. Now that I have cleaned that up ...

    Enjoy the move!
  12. Thanks :)
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  13. I agree! Smp4 is the best!!!
  14. nope, I think smp5 is the best. Oleyy lives there!
  15. No no no, Smp3, D1223M lives there.
  16. Who's that? Sorry, did I missed something? :eek:
  17. You do not know who D1223M is? :O
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  18. I think I'll take a look at his profile page or his residence... !

    Maybe I now him but not the name?