[SUUGESTION] Cross-Server Residence Visiting

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  1. So I've noticed that while you can use /server to cross between the SMPs, trying to go to residences that are on other servers (with /v) does not work: e.g. You can't teleport to residence 19000 from SMP1.

    I know this isn't particularly important or game changing, but it would be convenient to be able to teleport directly to residences on other servers instead of getting this kind of message:


    I hope you'll take my suggestion into consideration c:

    EDIT: Oh god, 'suugestion'. My OCD is playing up now :confused:
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  2. What if you put the wrong number and BAM, you're on SMP8 from SMP1?
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  3. I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say here. Assuming that you knew which residence you wanted to go to it shouldn't be a problem.
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  4. Sometimes you hit the wrong key. With this you might just get taken to the wrong server, although it would be pretty cool.
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  5. Yes, this might be possible. Just a question: are you able to do /res info on a cross-server res as how it is now?
  6. the problem would come when determining if you are in the wild on that other server
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  7. Interesting point. Here is what I think
    1. There is an option to turn this off.
    2. When you do, say /v 14141, on SMP1 while you are in the wastelands it gives you a message
      You are currently in the Wastelands on SMP7. Teleport cannot occur.
    3. If you are not in the wild/waste, then you get teleported.
  8. There should also be an option to turn it on and off... (If you make mistakes in the res #)
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  9. If the Residence is on another server, you should be prompted with a message like "You are about to be taken to smp9. Type the command again to proceed." If you are not in Town on the destination server you would just get a message saying that you can only teleport in Town once you are there. If you are in Town, the prompt would give you a chance to opt out.

    What I expect to be a challenge is that you are doing the equivalent of "/server smp9" on the original server then "/v 99999" on the destination server. There are things that could go wrong in between, like connection problems.

    We(Programming Staff/Royal We) might already have the ability to do something like this. I took a quick look at Bungee on the Spigot site and this plug-in looks close: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ancient-gates.34/

    The docs say that you can be teleported to a custom location then execute an optional command. So maybe something like this could be set up that changes dynamically as people request to use it rather than having a static destination.