Surviving IcecreamCow's Nether Battle of Super Death!

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    As IcecreamCow has decided to go mad, and start killing everyone with Withers - he felt it needed that a guide be created on how to survive it... or at least die gloriously.

    Be prepared
    As IcecreamCow is effectively trying to kill you here, it's important to come as well equipped as possible. Enchanted armor, food, a fire resistance potion (or 10) and a weapon of some sorts are pretty much crucial to survival. Without them, you're going to become Wither/other evil thing food. Oh, and lots of arrows are probably a good idea - along with a bow.

    Anything you take can, and probably will be lost. Only take what you can afford to lose.

    Get your winnings out'a there!
    Got a Wither star? Run back over the bedrock bridge back to the protected area, teleport to your res, put your winnings somewhere safe, restock and then get back out there! There's nothing wrong with doing it, in fact the CowMaster himself encourages it!

    Oh, and it's completely okay to take any drops - be it from monster or player. There's no actual prize for surviving, so be sure to grab what you can! That said, it may be more respectful to give another player their rightfully earned Wither star if you happen to pick it up while running past.

    Expect to die
    Getting away alive is, to say the least, unlikely. Make sure you remember this - and don't take millions of diamond blocks, your dragon egg, or anything else super valuable out there.
  2. Thanks for pointing this out, I thought you just had to be the last alive...
  3. *Hides Imaginary Dragon Egg*
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  4. wait, what? you're giving us a guide... for what? all i got out of that was the Nether, doesn't tell me where, when.... or am i just not seeing this text that speaks such of things?
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  5. Ask ICC - I just put what he wanted...
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  6. ... i'm on to you Mr. Biggin... i'm on to you...
  7. Im not on to you battmeghs :confused:
  8. Yes, run.
    Run over the bride made of bedrock :)
  9. >.<
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  10. hmmm, now that we know its got something to do with a bride made of bedrock.... i'll call Sherlock, he can help. maybe batman too..
  11. My reaction:
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  12. Jacks new nickname is Bilbo Biggins :)
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  13. ._.

    I never read the Hobbit, looks like I should xD
  14. The Fruits of My Labor: 4 BeaconsThe Battle: Wither Style: 69 players on at that time, I saw at least 85 though at it's maximum
  15. The winnings can be VERY good, its worth it to go for the fight!! 40/47 of those are from this event, the other ones are from the previous nether event xD
    Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 10.24.56 PM.png
  16. I wish I could win 47 wither stars! :O
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  17. Whoops nether*
  18. wow thats alot of stars... you got the picture right when i restarted minecraft cause it was lagging
    i joined a second later xD