Survival and Group update! - 9/12/15

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  1. Hey everyone. We've figured out a few of the survival issues (notably Marlix).

    Pretty sure that Marlix's guardians (or another Marlix!) were hitting him (combined with the still unresolved bug of duplicate spawns, higher risk of Marlix fighting each other.

    But also figured out no token reward issue.

    But... More goodies in this update, new group feature, and miniboss tweaks for higher difficulties!
    • Hopefully resolved Marlix saying took too much non player damage
    • If more than 3 MiniBosses of same type are found in a single area, the 4th+ will be auto removed. Please do not hoard minibosses....
    • Fixed bug where you would sometimes not receive tokens from a custom mob kill... It dealt with dying too much. It nerfed tokens into the negative....
    • Marlix and its Guardians will no longer damage Marlix
    • Momentus and Marlix now scale their special behaviors with higher difficulty levels.... Marlix will shoot arrows faster the higher the difficulty, Momentus will draw in faster... and both will spawn guardians faster.
    • Loot Pools for difficulty 8 - 10 massively boosted on MiniBosses... Difficulty 10 is guaranteed to give a major loot drop if anyone manages to take one down!
    • Groups! When a player in a group attacks a custom monster, that monster is "locked" to that group for 15 minutes, until 15 minutes expires or the entity is unloaded (chunk unload). Any player out of the group will be unable to attack the monster.

      This helps prevent players from impacting your difficulty score on monsters when your aiming for a higher level, and ensures your group members get the full share of tokens.
    • Minibosses will no longer spawn if another miniboss is already nearby.
    • Sell Only Shops can be created with just "## S" now, don't need the : prefix.
    • Supporters boosted stable slots now count towards the "10 Stables = Free Stable Summons in wild" perk. Before it only gave you free if you used enough vouchers to reach 10, not counting the boost from the perk.
  2. Nice! this will make fighting minibosses much less of a headache. Has the 2x speed bug been addressed? Jd and I fought a momentus and it took us... FOREVER and lots of deaths to kill it lol.
  3. 3rd yay oh and cool :rolleyes:
  4. There's some serious issues with loading chunks right now, if you guys weren't aware. :)

    Nevermind, appears to be fixed now!
  5. Ah, those are some great and well-needed updates!
  6. You have made me so happy with these tweaks/bug fixes :) Dude this is amazing ty ty ty

    let the killing commence! rereading the update notes i should have said dying lol
  7. Love it Aikar. I hope to see more updates coming to me.
  8. Will the monster also not attack any player out of the group? If the inability to damage is only one-way, I can just imagine people kiting custom mobs towards other players to make them attack them, and the players won't be able to defend themselves. Being unable to attack a mob that can attack you would be really frustrating, especially in the case of minibosses. Just wondering if this is already solved or not.

    I'm guessing also that players out of the group would still be able to inflict fire, TNT, etc. damage on the custom mobs, diminishing the group's reward chances. This would be especially possible if the mob couldn't hurt them.
  9. Some very good points you have there Corq
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  10. Makes me think of the old EQ trains. Those were days of glory.
  11. The reason it took us forever is because there were 2 of them, and we did not prepare correctly for the second one after killing the first one. So, it killed Gawa first, then when I went to go get his stuff, it killed me.
    So, both of us without pots, weapons, armor, food. It was interesting.
  12. Love this, hopefully I can get more loot! :)
  13. Thanks so much to all you Devs. The miniboss bugs have been beyond annoying, and it is quite nice to see them solved. :)
  14. Can momenti swim now?
  15. Emphasis mine. As of my most current knowledge, mobs claimed by a group can indeed attack players outside of the group. Aikar, we saw this at the Death Event last Saturday. Someone outside the official event group would attack the guardians, yet the mobs would still attack players in the event group. I can see the kiting issue as a way to harrass other players, especially since it works.

    Also, what I've noticed is that players in a group take precedence over solo players. If a grouped player gets a hit on a mob/miniboss, even if the solo player or players got first hit, the group can lock and claim the mob. Then the solo players don't really have any choice but to beg for an invite for the group or just walk away, maybe even if the solo player did all the work. This is pretty much punishing players who don't have a group or would like to try to take on a miniboss solo.

    Has anyone else noticed these things happening?
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