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  1. Hey guys I am currently working on a business project and I need people to take some surveys for me. It will take you 5 minutes and if you send me the screenshots of you completing it I will give you 500r. Just send me the screenshots in a pm. Your seriousness and honesty is greatly appreciated!
  2. Where are the surveys? :confused:
  3. Same were are they
  4. No link for surveys is available.
  5. I will complete it for free, to me it shouldn't require pay to help a fellow member out.
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  6. Surveys! Reveal yourself!
  7. The link didn't show up or some reason, give me a minute
  8. Show yourselves surveys, or face the consequences!

    (Will gladly take the survey :p)
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  9. We are working on fixing the link right now
  10. The magical disappearing surveys. :eek:
  11. Took the survey!
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  12. Took the survey but I don't want the monies :eek:
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  13. All your help is appreciated!
  14. Took the survey as well. No monies required. :D
  15. Thanks again to everyone that has taken the survey so far, however, the more people the better. If everyone could share this with their friends it would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Took the survey.
    Very interesting. I will definatly share this with my friends.

    Im assuming there is a deadline to the survey thingy?

  17. Ya we really need results by later today but we can take them until Thursday