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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by EnderMagic1, May 11, 2016.

  1. Hello emc. Please fill out this survey so I can decide to build something on emc. Thanks!
    Sorry, no reward, but what else would you be doing rn? :)
    You can take the survey HERE!
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  2. That was fun :D
  3. I'm interested to see what you gather from this data
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  4. What he said ^
  5. Lol. So far no one likes fishes. :p
  6. If I recall correctly, more than 4 different pets exist... ;)
  7. Those 4 are the most popular. Its not like you have a Rock as a pet... :p

    Bump. Some really strange responses so far. ;)
  8. Add an option for "different: ......" ;)
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  9. Even if I added some thing like that, I would get the weirdest response.
    Here's a real one that someone submitted..

    Oh god. >_<
  10. Uhm, I feel as if you are purposefully discriminating against those who live on Utopia. Not a fan. -1

    Also was so gonna answer something else for super power... I was about to go all smp8 on that answer but... I kept it real.
  11. Added that in. The reason why I didn't put it on the list: Most of emc's players can't own a plot on utopia.