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  1. You can view the results here
    Many players took the server and there are tons of fantastic responses. As I expected, there are people praising the server and some expressing their unhappiness. Be open to both sides and all opinions. There are some great things in the responses and everyone can learn from it. The one thing I noticed was that most people who took this server were veterans to the server. Take into account that this server does not accurately represent the entire server's opinion and, by the very nature of an optional survey, the results are statistically biased to some degree. Despite this, there is a ton to learn from the information and I think everyone should check it out.

    How were the results changed?
    There are a few things I removed to make it anonymous and I made it clear where I changed things. First, I removed the timestamps and the usernames. I also changed the other server answers to generic server types to prevent breaking any rules. If I noticed something in an answer that broke the anonymity, I removed it and added a note in brackets. If you want your answers to be attached to your username, tell me and I will add it. If you want something removed from your answer, please tell me and I will change that.

    Thanks to everyone who took the survey. What do you think of the answers? Now that we have some data, let's discuss it.

    Thanks for showing interest. This is a survey I made to see what players think of this server. Please take the time to take the survey. Once enough participants have taken it, I will post the data for all to see.
    The survey is below.

    After taking it, please post here saying that you did it. Although not necessary, it helps prevent scam.
    What do you think of the state of the server? Post your thoughts below. If you find a mistake, tell me and I will fix it asap.
  2. I completed the survey. Mistake: Which smp's do you visit? amp9? smp9 :) .
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  3. Done.

    This was the first and only server I've played on. I've been on others and IMO and for the way I play, this is the only server to be on. This place is so good that I cannot play SP for more then a few hours lol Everything about this place is great. The people are awesome, staff are always helpful (even when we complain about everything :p) and the gameplay is great.

    I've never been able to play a SP game for longer then maybe a few weeks to at most a couple months. I just get bored of something and start over. I've been here 7 months now, met lots of great people, hoarded as many promos as I could get my hands on :p and I still have stuff to do. I take a break sometimes but always come back.

    For all the complaining about something I would never stop coming here and I complain only to try and make things better :)
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  4. Completed :) As for the servers I visit, I kind of had to tick all of them, I visit some more than others but I do generally go on all of them every now and then, so hopefully I answered that one right! ;)
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  5. Oh my gosh D: I just filled it out and it deleted my answers! Great, now I have to fill it out again. >=(
  6. You forgot SMP3 on "which server do you primarily play on" :/
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  7. Sorry about that. I fixed it.
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  8. I filled it out and sent it in :)
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  9. Some questions could do with improving. Page 2: On a scale of 1-10, how well did the tutorial prepare you? 0 = didn't even do it and 10 = taught me everything. When I joined, the tutorial was forced to be done. I didn't learn anything/much from it anyways. I have only ever done the new one to see what it looked like, and then didn't look at the signs, just ran through it.
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  10. Completed the survey;)
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  11. Done
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  12. I took it happily :)

    Edit: I forgot to include this on the survey underneath the, "What are things you really like about EMC?" but another thing I do like about Empire are the variety of age groups.
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  13. I like it! :) I hope you keep the results, as I'd like to read mine back later. Also, you made me curious about OrangeDuck607's balances now... I'm going to check that right now!
    I honestly only spent 15 minutes on this, sorry. I just didn't want to spend an entire evening filling out a survey about EMC.
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  14. The time you spent doesn't matter. I just wanted to get an idea of if this was too long in case I do other surveys in the future.
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  15. Took longer than I thought it would, but nice job.
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  16. Filled it out.
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  17. I completed it, thanks for giving a quick way to let my steam out.
    One thing i have the most problems with, are players that don't even seem to do the tutorial. When i played it a few weeks ago, i really enjoyed it and it showed me what is possible on this server, thus selling it (the server) to me.
    Also spam is a big problem at times, and players that wont listen even after they were muted.
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  18. I took it. Is it vain to classify yourself as super rich? I don't think so.
  19. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

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  20. I can never understand how people are able to deal with stubborn human beings on a daily basis, props to you!
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