[Survey] How much do we all spend on vault?

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How many times do you open your vault each day? Do not answer if you get free vault please

Poll closed Oct 5, 2013.
0-4 33 vote(s) 58.9%
5-8 11 vote(s) 19.6%
9-12 3 vote(s) 5.4%
13-16 1 vote(s) 1.8%
17-20 1 vote(s) 1.8%
21-24 1 vote(s) 1.8%
25-28 0 vote(s) 0.0%
29-32 1 vote(s) 1.8%
33-36 1 vote(s) 1.8%
37+ 4 vote(s) 7.1%
  1. Im doing an economy experiment. How many rupees do we spend collectively on vault each day? I will post the rough money results after the poll is over. I encourage everyone to vote, it will make it much more accurate! And please, if you have free vault ( aka 5 pages+) please do not vote! Also if you vote for 37+ please post below about how many times you do! Thanks!

    P.S. if anyone wants to make a logo of sorts please private message it to me! That would be cool to have!
  2. well naturally most of the people who open it more then 37 times daily have probly spent the money to get it free.

    im interested to see if im wrong tho!
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  3. I only use it for quick cross-server shipping mostly.When I'm picking up stuff from an auction I've won on smp3 or something,I open vault.
  4. *didn't vote* I am up to like 12 vaults I think now. I keep a lot of my storage in my vault rather than on a residence. So it is available to me on any server. For example I have 2 vaults dedicated to Player heads, 2 for fireworks, a special items vault. And then the rest is just general storage.
  5. I mostly only use it when im going to an outpost not on smp2
  6. Well SOMEONE has a lot of vaults. Is there anyone who has all 50 vault pages? Or more?
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  7. Why use it when going to an outpost? You can't access it in the wild :/
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  8. i take my stuff to town, then put it in an ender chest, then head off
  9. Where does the vault come into it?
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  10. i live on smp2, and all outposts i am in are on different servers, so i transfer stuff to those servers via vault then like i said, put them in an ender chest in town then go to the outpost
  11. Ah. That makes a lot of sense.
    I merely use my vault for shops. Or things like Deathtomb8953's drop party.
    On average i use it like 8 times per day but the most i got to was probably about 50-60 times.
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  12. 50-60 is too much. you, sir, are addicted to vault. you must be sent to vault rehab
  13. It was at a point that someone was leaving EMC and giving everything they owned away. They were a diamond supporter so...
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  14. thats 5-6 days of daily sign in bonus
  15. Indeed. But at the time I was saving up so 600r was nothing.
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  16. Bump! Please read my main post and tell us how many times you open vault
  17. I was kinda surprised when I saw that 0-4 every day was the first option. I think that's pretty much. I think I often use it like 10 times a day, but I don't play on emc every day anymore.
  18. Wasn't the idea of making vault free by buying like 50 pages denied?
  19. When you have 5 pages, it already becomes free to use.
  20. By use the vault, do we count each time we open it to put stuff in and to take stuff out separately?