Survey for SCIENCE! (Quick to take!)

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  1. Hi everybody!
    Sorry I haven't been active lately, been a bit busy.
    For my school science project I require MANY responses to a survey I made. It's only about 9 questions, fairly simple to take, and for many of you will be a walk in the park. Simply go to the link below, fill it out. and BAM. You have just contributed to science!
    Remember, I need as many responses as possible, but don't take it more than once. Feel free to get family members or friends to take it as well!
    Well, here's the link:

    Thanks, everybody!
    Spread the word of this to as many people as you can, my minimum is 100 responses but my goal is 1000!
  2. prettttyy sure I can bump this since it's been an hour...
  3. Wow, I'm pretty sure this is the most difficult test I've made in 2014! I didn't last that long, unfortunately...
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  4. We've still got plenty of slots for more data!
  5. I quit.
    ...Quick to take...
    ...Hard without having your brain figurativeally blow up...
  6. I'm on question 6; been answering them throughout the day. Pretty cool test.
  7. I see two answers for 5 but I can only select one.

    Edit: I printed it out and I can position the cube to match both pictures.

    And the last one kind of cheats.
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  8. My head is in SO MUCH PAIN. I haven't done this stuff since 6th Grade Pre-AP.
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  9. Ok, maybe my definition of quick to take and other peoples definition of quick to take aren't the same. 15 minutes isn't too long to me, sorry.
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  10. But.. fairly simple.. :p Did you make these yourself or did you get them from somewhere else?
  11. I got them from a variety of actual spatial reasoning tests.

    The response has been great, I have got tons of data from this! But more is still needed!
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  12. Done, done and done.
    Would have been 'nice' to see my horrid results!
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  13. ^ Heh, I can give you your results if you really want, just PM me. Also I would need to know your IP, so I know whos it from. This offer goes to everyone, actually.

    This will probably be my last bump, I was getting boat loads of responses when I first put it out, but I'm getting less and less, so I think it's time I move on to source #2. If you want to take the test, last chance!
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  14. How do I find my IP?
  15. I sped through it so I probably got half wrong, but there you are.
    Can you tell me my score based on the time I took it? Right now..
  16. Pretty cool test. :)
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  18. In regards to your signature:

    "the most difficult test I've took in 2014!"

    You take a test, you don't make a test. Take (past tense: took) can mean to "make, undertake, or perform (an action or task)."

    Also, I just wanted to say how awesome it is you are working on your English like this, and that I hope you go far in life :).
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  19. That's the funny thing about spatial reasoning tests. Taking longer or shorter actually has less of an effect, because if you have a good sense of spatial reasoning then even "guessing" is still based off of what you feel is the right answer because you subconsciously recognize that some of them are illogical or one of them is logical
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