[SURVEY] Eidetic Memory

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Do you believe in yourself to have eidetic memory?

Yes 6 vote(s) 54.5%
No 5 vote(s) 45.5%
  1. All of us have our own traits, but a rare occurrence for an individual is having eidetic memory. This form of memory is described by one's capability to recall images, sound, and objects very accurately. It can be further broken down into photographic and auditory memory.
    I myself have eidetic memory. I can easily remember what I see and hear automatically. What about you? Do you have this form of memory? I'm curious to know because know you have it or not is another step to understanding ourselves.:)
  2. I put yes, but mine isn't as fancy as some.

    I recall what I see quite clearly, but I have to have some sort of trigger and mostly it is short term (roughly a week or so). My brain connects dots between events quite frequently, constantly creating this network of information that I can access, but not at the drop of a hat. Audibly, my brain is not as tuned, but thanks to the visual link, I can do things like watch old episodes of Bugs Bunny or Doctor Who while at work, without a TV as long as I've seen them before.In school, I rarely had to study in high school and if a teacher was foolish enough to have one of those 'I'll pick 25 from this list of 150 questions that I'll give you ahead of time' tests, then I aced it. I was reading the material in my mind while taking the test.

    In Minecraft, I recall usernames quite well and with a few sparse square notes, I remember most of a player's history/my interactions with the player. It's useful, but not perfect.

    It is likely partially genetic. My mother used to have the type of photographic memory that was near perfect. She could read a book and tell you what was on a certain page, etc. She can't anymore, but the ability was there. I'm sure if I actually took the time to hone my ability more, then I would have a better memory.
  3. i can't rememberanything. some days i find it hard to distinguish if a turtle is called toast or jam... also i think i'm hungry
  4. I know i do, i do origami as a hobby and i'm really good at it. Remembering all the folds is something i can do. So i believe i have this yes. This is some of the work i did like 5 years ago. And i already know you will love the pikachu, every does >.< 320130_3494635853734_994957463_n.jpg 521872_3494628893560_1776816933_n.jpg
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  5. Quite frankly I don't really know. I have a very selective memory, that's for sure. Things which partially interest me but don't really concern me or have little real value are things I'll quickly forget. But the moment something does interest me to some extend then well...

    This basically started when I was just a little kid. I don't fully recall this but my parents told me about it; when I was approx. 4 - 5 years old we went to Germany on holidays. Camping in Mainz (near Frankfurt am Main). And three or so years later, when I was approx. 10 - 12, we went there again.

    So while we were at the shopping mall (actually, the parking garage) my father asked me if I could remember where they bought a particular toy I really liked. And I could. In fact; I could walk my parents straight over to the store (so from the parking garage through a shopping center to outside, and then a few blocks further away). And not just a simple shopping mall, but a 4 stories large mall.

    In general I don't have any problems remembering where I was and how to get there, but its very selective. For example; don't ask me about street names because I hardly know any. The moment something becomes less relevant for me I tend to forget it, and that goes double when playing games.

    But yah, I dunno what to make of it, so I'm not answering the vote.

    But sometimes it does surface a bit. Or so I think. For example; when I watched an episode of a detective series (say Law & Order) and I then watch the same episodes 3 months later then I'll pass in 5 minutes or so because I'll recall the plot easily.
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  6. Well, I haven't really done much research on this. I don't know much about it, honestly.

    My memory is particularly good, and I remember things other people find really weird I remembered.
    I am quite good at remembering places, but only if something special happened there.
    I don't at all have such interesting experiences related to memory as krysyy has.
    In short, my memory is better than most people's, but I've never really looked into this sort of thing, so I'm probably not stimulating it enough for it to really develop in something particarly interesting.
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