Supportership is being funny

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  1. So this just happened....
    Screen shot 2013-03-13 at Mar 13, 2013 2.51.20 PM.png
    My supporter ship was supposed to expire on the 12th, but apparently the system has decided to act a little strange about it. It's not that I mind, I just thought it was kinda funny :D
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  2. Go home, system, you're drunk.
  3. LOL that is hilarious.
    i like it!
    Lets keep this expiring yesterday thing going on!
  4. The system went to all the bars I heard. Drank all the alcohols.
  5. It must have injected 5 whole alcohols in one go.
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  6. It went into a drinking contest with system ban.
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  7. February was 28 days. You have 2 day extra. It go bye-bye tomorrow. Probably.
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  8. It happened to me before. It'll end a little bit later.
  9. Oh, that makes sense.
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