Supporter Bug?

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  1. I'm not complaining or anything, but I'm slightly confused. I signed up for gold supporter in august, and it was supposed expire yesterday, the 8th. Before you say anything, I cancelled the subscription, so no, my subscription was not renewed. So, yesterday came around, and my supporter wasn't cancelled. Then today came, still there. I'm not complaining, but shouldn't it be cancelled? It was only supposed to be for one month, right?

    In addition, heres what I see when I go to the upgrade screen.
    Your active Gold Supporter will expire on Yesterday.

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  2. This has happened before I think all you need to do is contact IcC and he should fix the problem
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  3. Just like it... Some days FREE Supporter :p
  4. Notice how I said Im not complaining :p I just don't want to get into legal trouble
  5. no you won't, this has happened in the past but i don't remember the link to it
  6. It seems it says that on your last day of being a supporter, or just before it's about to re-bill you. Basically, it seems to be "normal". Only other thing I can think of is try directly cancelling with Paypal.
  7. I cancelled my subscription.
  8. Sometimes when you cancel on, it doesn't register with PayPal and you have to cancel on their website.
  9. Pokedude, where are you from? Could this just be a time zone issue and your tomorrow hasn't actually happened on EMC's time?
  10. EST, same timezone. I get my rupee bonus at midnight for me.
  11. Hmm, that's really strange. If I were you I would just cancel your payment method and wait 1-3 days. If that doesn't work, contact ICC. :)
  12. naw! mine was like that too :) every time it goes one extra day :)
  13. We'll have to see if mine does :p
  14. I think! Your now an Active Member :p
  15. Its just a timing thing.. The subscription will cancel out at the end of the day that is listed as "your subscription will end on Yesterday".
  16. Ok guys! Thanks for all your help! :) The guy who said it lasts an extra day was right.
  17. I got this too, and I thought it was funny :p
  18. Guys What happens is when you have been a supporter and can't afford it anymore,
    The Cow likes to reward you and give you a few days of free supporters hip
  19. I believe it's setup like that to be more of a rollover thing. It gives I think a day past the expiration date of supporter normally. This is okay and fine, you won't get in trouble, but thanks for bringing it up either way. :)
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