supporters should get armor and tools

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  1. diamond supporter should get diamond armor and diamond tools
    gold should get gold armor and iron tools (because more expensive than gold tools)
    iron should get iron armor and stone tools (less expensive than gold upgrade)
    people who start should get leather armor and wood tools (so they're not at a horrible disadvantage and as a reward for joining)
  2. No. You just Want lots of diamond stuff. you can buy yer own.
  3. 2 ways you could be saying this:
    1. People who get any supportership get free stuff based on their rank.

    2. People with a specific supportership can only use specific tools based on their rank
    I don't like any of the ideas.
  4. people who start should also get saplings
  5. never mind the diamond and gold and iron
  6. i realized that was to greedy
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  7. New players do get saplings if I am correct (for completing the tutorial?) :)
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  8. They do already...
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  9. This technically already exist, right? You actually get more than what your asking for every day with rupees. This way you have the freedom to buy what you want from where you want. Instead of just getting an item every day.
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  10. No.. But this does give me an idea.. <,<
  11. the new members getting leather armor isn't that bad an idea
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  12. I like the idea of new members given leather armour and stone tool set, but supporters get enough perks as it is.

    if your going to support, it should mainly be for the survival of the emc servers and maybe the extra res spots :p