Supporter Voucher Sale - ST Inc.

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  1. Supporter Voucher Sale - ST Inc.

    -Visit /v 17887-

    Item - Stock - Price

    Diamond Voucher - 0 - 290,000 r
    Gold Voucher - 12 - 180,000 r
    Iron Voucher - 10 - 80,000 r

    -Limited Time Only-
    -Price Not Negotiable-
    -Need Them Gone ASAP-

  2. *Just My opinion* Your prices are pretty high, last time i seen a diamond voucher go for above 400k was like months ago, and iron vouchers i find they go for 80-90k, gold 180-200k, diamond 375-400k
  3. Out of curiosity did you legitimately buy 10 diamond vouchers with real money or are you merching these?
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  4. Krysyy gives out these heads at most of her events... They can't be worth more than 300k
  5. Do you mean the 80k member head? Then yes :p No problem
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  6. Nevermind
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  7. can i buy iron supporter?
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