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  1. Things like this seem to often be a bit of a hot debate when asked in a thread, so a thread with a correct set of answers seemed necessary. This is this thread.

    What Supporter perks will I lose when my Supportership expires?
    • Your name color - it will return to default white.
    • Supporter title on the forums
    • Reserved slot when connecting to servers
    • The ability to toggle map hide/show
    • Supporter forum access
    • Increased daily bonus, and not having to login to get it
    • The ability to customise your Residence enter/leave messages
    • Access to Utopia wild
    • The ability to claim a Residence on Utopia
    • The ability to place TNT
    • The ability to buy more vault pages (over 2)
    • Derelict policy protection
    What Supporter perks will I keep when my Supportership expires?
    • Any current reses you claimed as a supporter. For example, if you become diamond, claim 3 Residences, then downgrade to iron, you won't lose your reses, but you won't be able to claim anymore. Unless the Residences are derelict, players can't request them to be reset either. Contrary to popular belief, this won't be changing in the future.
    • Your custom Residence messages will remain showing - you just won't be able to change them.
    • Any rupees gained as a Supporter daily bonus.
    • Any vault pages you purchased as a Supporter.
    • Your live map hide/show status. If your Supportership expires while you're hidden, you will remain hidden (although map refreshes can cause you to be shown again). You can't toggle your status - contact a staff member to be shown on the map if you're stuck hidden.
  2. Another great guide by the hamster :p
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  3. thanks jack
  4. Very nice guide, maybe you could add, that you don't get the daily bonus automatic, so you have to log in each day to get it. And as a supporter, you will not lose your res, after not logging in for 10 days, as it could happen to non-supporter, or?
  5. Will add the daily bonus things.

    Supporters are except from the Derelict Policy, meaning that a supporter could be away for 9001 days, and their res wouldn't be unclaimed.
  6. AWW YISS. I know at one point we were told that was going to change and then someone also said that if someone wanted your res they could request it be reset and they could claim it. I thought that was wrong. Glad to know though that we get to keep reses.
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  7. I think it goes like,
    if you are direlect and non supporter and someone wants res, then they can reset it.
  8. Any reses you gain as a supporter, just like your normal res, is subject to the regular derelict policy after your supporter expires. They are not subject to anything else, other than that.
  9. That may have been what they were meaning but they were explaining it like say if I have 4 reses and Jack wants one. He can ask for one of them and the staff will reset it even though I've logged in everyday and not gone derelict because I'm no longer a supporter.
  10. If EMC was completely full, with ~1,500 active members on each server, active players who are derelict supporters could get their residences unclaimed. The likelihood of the only free residences being held by derelict supporters (but active members) is so stupendously low that this situation will almost never come about.

    It is still the case, but nobody should worry about it. There is absolutely no reason to tell people that they need to maintain supporter to keep their three extra residences, as there is nearly no chance of the criteria for reset being met. EMC would likely add more servers before this ever happened.
  11. Plus this.
  12. Of course, as I said, it wouldn't make sense to tell people that something statistically impossible constitutes a rule. I only told Eastramen because, naturally, I don't do things that make sense.
  13. If you're /map hidden as a supporter and your supportership expires, you stay hidden until you type /map show. Add that tidbit in!
  14. ^ :)
  15. Ah, yes, clearly I am up too late.
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  16. Eastramen. I love it.
  17. OMG, thx SO much jack, this was a huge help!
    The young lad just doesnt stop making us proud! What a nice young fella; good show, jolly good show! *sniffle sniffle*
  18. Thanks for the clarity! Just became a supporter and was a bit worried that if I claimed another res and worked on it for 6 months I'd have to give it up if I gave up my supporter status. Glad to know it's (almost certainly) not going to happen so long as I'm an active member. Really good to know what's mine to keep and what only lasts so long as I'm an active supporter
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  19. If vault pages are lost, does that mean the items are too?
  20. I would assume so, but thankfully you don't loose your vault pages.