Supporter Subscriptions a little to much?

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  1. I believe that price is a little high for what we are getting. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the server, it is an amazing server. But $5 a month for the cheapest? That is almost the same price as xbox live subscription. I believe the price should be dropped a good bit, considering minecraft is still in beta, and you are still working out some of the bugs for the server(i.e. capacity,lag,glitches)

    How does everyone else feel?
  2. I donated $30 to a server that at the time i thought was good..... this server would get $30 out of me, but not a monthly subscription, that's what i think should be changed, no subscription just a one off $30 for diamond, $20 for gold and $10 for iron
  3. I don't see a problem with it, if you have a job you should be able to afford that. Besides it's not required to support the server, you just get a few perks. The experince is amazing as a free player.
  4. I don't know about you, but I know that I play Minecraft way more than XBL at this point. Maybe XBL should be cheaper for me? :p
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  5. IF battlefield 3 didn't consume my soul then i would agree lol and skyrim in a week...MC may suffer cuz of this xD also....until i get my CC to pay for my supporter status here it is hard to get on...(hopefully mid to late november i will be a supporter!) :)
  6. i feel it is just fine

    but i have to ask you how do you expect them to keep this stuff goin? do you want them to pay for it all out of pocket?
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  7. Probably lol some people just can't be grateful and lack the knowledge of how much it truely costs to run a GREAT server!
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  8. Over in England $5 is £3.11.

    £3.11 in England can get you a burger at McDonalds.

    Moral of the story: Instead of getting fat eating at McDonalds you can get fat sitting on Minecraft all day every day.
  9. I enjoy the server, I hate not being able to log on though. I'm gonna have to crack. I want to be more than an iron supporter, but I can't afford it, with everything else and MC is not my main focus. It's just fun.
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  11. If I didn't need to buy gas next week, I would put up my remaining $5 into supporting the Empire, however work is more demanding than entertainment... So, Iron Supporter here coming in another week. :)
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  12. Now remember that a lot of the people that play Minecraft are children. But perhaps creating a Fourth "sponsorship testing" for like $2 which is pretty much supporter for a week with some perks so people can understand why its good. And even just making it possible to buy straight out rupees from the 'Online Empire Store' ?
  13. Yes we have had many many requests to be able to donate money straight for rupees. This is something I was working on but put on the back burner as I am working on the multi-server thing first :)
  14. You may have to be aware of people who might illegally (or legally, depending on your views on this) sell their own Rupee's for a cheaper cost than the 'Empire Store'

    Such as MMORPG (WoW,GuildWars) Gold websites etc.
  15. I had a question about the Multi-Server thing too. If we have more than one server, and we get on one of the OTHER servers instead of our current one.. We wouldn't have our stuff (E.g. House, Goods, Etc.)
  16. Well, as long as the server is making ends meat it's alright, all the rupees the other people are selling would have been purchased from here so the same if not more money is being made here

    If you read this it will explain that Justin is going to create a 'Vault/Chest' that will be available across all servers.
  18. That would mean both servers are identical even in the buildings.. What would be the point in that really? We would still have the exact same residence crisis.
  19. Your not understanding this are you? :p

    There will be a Vault or a Chest in the middle of the Town. you put your items into it and you can then get them later on by going to the Vault or Chest on the other server.
  20. Residences will be different. The servers are not identical in the buildings, they all will have their own worlds. The "Vault" is like a virtual chest you can open and stash things in, it won't be a physical chest you can see in game, it will be accessed with /vault (once open it will work just like a large chest, but the title on top will be "Empire Vault")