Super turkey: show blocks instead of chunks

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  1. i heard gobble 3 and 10 and 14 chunks away, but i dunno what a chunk is :confused:

    imma gold supporter now so i can ask outside town, but others cant. i think u should mention blocks and not chunks. u hear gobble 48 blocks away, 160 blocks away and 224 blocks away.
  2. I think Chunks are 16x16 blocks wide. So just multiply by 16 and walk that distance.
  3. IMO it's fine the way it is. Blocks distance would make it too easy. These are rare and should be harder to find. The new gob-dar helps but you still need to find it.
  4. -1

    Chunks are only a horizontal until of measurement, so measuring in blocks would make finding the turkey a lot harder as it'd measure both horizontally and vertically (and diagonally).

    Rather than an exact location, I'd prefer a rough location, like chunks give.
  5. my point is not everyone knows what a chunk why not: "u hear gobble 48 blocks away". then u start moving. up / down and nothing changes. then ur 16 blocks further: "u hear gobble 32 blocks away", and u know ur in the right direction. would work the same as chunks but now everyone would understand.
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  6. Most who play MC do know and those that do not would know quickly with a google search.
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  7. Something I thought could be a cool alternative: Direction

    "You hear gobbling to the south"
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  8. Now that is way too easy. We are already being nice by having a colder/warmer system at all. Last year we weren't so nice.

    A chunk is a Minecraft measurement so it's logical to use chunks.
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  9. Last year was much nicer because we could actually see the names. :p
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  10. I agree. I was thinking about it and it would be too easy to find. The chunk system is the best use because it is nonspecific and doesn't make it that easy to find.
  11. Which is why we gave in and made the warmer/colder system available. Honestly, seeing the names was too easy. It's supposed to be a hunt.
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  12. Ya you still need to be in range (which I think is 9 chunks) and then go the right direction.
  13. Did something get changed today or something, cause all iv seen is "gobble gobble" and that's all no direction or chunk or whatever. And im pretty sure the last 2 times it spawned down in a cave below ground cause there was nothing around for a long ways in any direction.
  14. The Gobble Gobble... message hasn't been changed. There's a new way to tell where they are, though. Every minute, you'll see a little line of text above your hotbar that tells you your location to the turkey. They can spawn in a cave, too, but the cave needs to be close to the surface.
  15. I think you need to be a certain distance to it to get the new message. My guess is within 9 chunks as that's the biggest number I've seen.
  16. Not likely. I found one close to bedrock level. And most of the ones iv been hearing have been hiding way down in caves not near the surface at all. Which is way to much work trying to go through a bunch of caves even ones that aren't' connected.
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  17. I have seen the message say 14 chunks away, which is funny since View Distance in Wild is 6 chunks away.
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