*SUPER SALE* Icecreamcow Flesh & Skin /v 2016

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  1. (yes I made this)

    Icecreamcow Flesh & Skin is now available for the small amount of 3,000r each at /v 2016 on smp1.
    This is the same price I sold for exactly 5 months ago and it has gone up to almost double, but I am selling it for ONLY 3,000r once again!
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  2. I hope I remember to come by and grab some. I'm missing icecreamcow stuff from collection
  3. Of course I had to use all my rupees on promos worth 100k today. No rupees left. :(
  4. Enjoy your 6k, I'm trying really hard not to buy more...
  5. Lol your signature is wrong about me.
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  6. Can you save 1 flesh and 1 skin for me? :p I've just gone to bed, so I can't be at a computer to buy it for the coming 10 hours or so :/

    Also wrong about me, lol, it says I use Chrome, which I of course don't use on my phone...
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  7. I didn't.....I bought 32 of each..... (It was one of my EMC Goals though so I mean)
  8. Only going to keep this up for another day or two so get it while you can. :)
  9. Going to be taking this down sometime tomorrow so stock up. ;)