Super fast. DC of OBSIDIAN HURRY!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by BekoPvP, Aug 27, 2015.

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  1. Item- DC of Obsidian
    Starting bid: 100,000
    Increment: 5000
    Auction ends: 12 hours after last bid.

    Good luck items are ready to be picked up as soon as payment is made. Residence smp8 /v 17251 look to your left and it's there in a chest
  2. OP's starting price is fine, DCs of obsidian have gone for more than that.

    ...also 100k :)
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  3. Anyways, have a bump.
  4. Anyways, 105k.
  5. ninja'd.
    anyways, here's wonderwall.

    anyways, 110k
  6. @Neon: There is a 3rd clause: "or unless you're adding information to the auction which the staff deems relevant". And I'd like to think that my post covered just that. Not mere info on the rules, but also on the higher price, covering all bases so to speak.

    But yeah, I knew I forgot something:

  7. Invalid bid, stupid me.

  8. shelluster you won as soon as payment is made come pick it up v/ 17251 look left and the chest should be there
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  9. ShelLuser, I think I found your new name.
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  10. I'll be online in a few moments, payment will be made then :)
  11. Paid, awaiting option for pickup :)
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