Super Bowl bets

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Sea hawks or patriots

Poll closed Feb 1, 2015.
SeaHawks 5 vote(s) 50.0%
Patriots 5 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. Let's do super bowl bets. use the poll and whoever voted for the team that lost has to pay the other one 500r.
    My guess is the Seahawks since I live in Seattle.
  2. Why 2 post?
  3. It is not two threads. It is one thread that has been moved to another forum making it appear in the Recent Thread list again making it look like two threads.

    This thread was originally in Community Discussion ;)
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  4. SEA HAWKS! xD
  5. I live in Canada, so I vote for whoever wins.
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  6. Well then what's the point in betting
  7. To win?
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  8. Do I pay 500r to everyone who voted for the winning team?
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  9. I vote for Patriots to lose. :)
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  10. If you lose
  11. When will we know who won?
    I like how the votes are perfectly evened out.
  12. The Champs are:
    ...trying not to barf... the Patriots....:mad:
  13. Than I won! :D
  14. You lost because of your teams decision making.
  15. Uh nope. I have no horse in this race. :cool:
  16. could of ran it with marshawn lynch, but they decide to throw it and INTERCEPTION
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  17. Yup. Never seen anything so stupid. Your that close, with THAT running back... should be guaranteed win. Your suppose to hand the ball off, not the ring :confused:
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  18. i dont get it, the sea hawks where so close to the touch down BUT NO THEY HAD TO THROW IT
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  19. I approved. (I'm a Patriots fan)