Sunset over Utopia.

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  1. So recently, i read a book called "World War Z". It was amazing, I was only dissapointed that i hadn't read it sooner. I loved how it could be read, how it told the story. Everything. So much so, it has inspired me to take on a project and i need YOUR help with it.

    Now, recently "The Wastelands" were released, and although i personally have not been able to try them out, i hear they are pretty cool. However in the Wastelands thread, someone posted a picture in which the Sun set over Utopia. I thought about it for a moment and i was like "Wow, that sounds like a really cool title for a story..."

    The story is set in Utopia, only everyone can access it and mine it and all that. Upon the Wastelands being added by "The Notch" the denizens of Utopia are overjoyed at a place where they can mine without harming normal Wild world.
    However for a reason unknown to these Minecraftians, the creation of this world has brought with it the demons of the night. All Nether portals have suddenly started allowing the demons of the Nether through, and hostile Overworld mobs as well.

    This is where you come in.
    This will be written from the perspective of survivors talking to a reporter. Just like in World War Z. Therefore, I need to get a feel for how different people will react to different events. Therefore, I ave created a short survey that you may fill out at your leisure. As of now i will not set a time when i will take the survey down, as i have no idea how many people will respond. I would love it however, if you do take a few minutes to fill it out!

    This is the survey! I will put updates and the like here on this thread eventually on covers and "artwork" for the story. (Feel free to submit something...I suck at that kind of stuff.) I need as many people to fill it out as possible! Your responses are 100% anonymous and will NOT be shared with anyone else.

    Thank you to everyone who takes the survey and helps make this happen!
  2. this gonn be good!
  3. I read this book too, too bad the movie coming out isnt anything like the book :/
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  4. This sounds epic, I love the title and the idea. Looking forward to seeing this finished :D
  5. Yeah, they could have done so much with it by keeping it true to the book.

    I will possibly be putting up a "Poster" soon for Sunset over Utopia. It might look cool, it might look terrible.
    Posters are not necessarily my strong suit so we will see how this goes.
  6. I did the survey, this looks really cool!
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  7. But no movie ever stays true to the book. They haven't figured out that it would be better. But it's almost impossible for a movie to be as good as a book because in a book you can imagine whatever you want as long as it follows what the book is telling you. In a movie you just see it as it is and can't imagine what you want.
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  8. It also doesn't tell you details ;) My two favourite book series is "Percy Jackson" and "The Hunger Games". The movies are nothing compared to the book :)

    Also, I did the survey :D But I have one question: When you ask for a description about yourself, is it how you want it to be in the story, or how it is in real life?
  9. Real life, or to be more specific. How you act in-game.
    I want to be able to use these to help me write the story, a sort of "study" if you will.
  10. I may put up more surveys later on for each "Interview" I write. I have yet to decide who the survivor that is being interviewed will be for the first interview. ( i may just use "Name redacted for legal reasons" or something of the sort.) But I will use reactions and responses from questions as things witnessed by the ones being interviewed.

    As long as I am writing this I will keep the current survey up. However I may or may not put up one you guys can fill out. Like I said I will use responses to different situations as events that the survivors have witnessed. This is part of why I need as many people as possible to fill out the survey.

    I think this is going to be pretty darn cool when it's done. So keep filling out that survey you guys ! :D
  11. Woah those are my two favorite book series also! :D
    EDIT: I also agree that the movies are nothing like the books.
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  12. Wow!
    I hadn't expected so many people to take the survey in such a short time!
    Thanks you guys :D

    Keep 'Em coming!

  13. Each person that fills out a survey is a step closer to this getting completed for everyone to read! :D
  14. I took it, and I loved answering it :3
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  15. Completed servey
    *stares at computer screen waiting until next post, because I have no life. :p
  16. Almost have enough surveys sent in to start writing!

    A few more and i can start :D

    I can't believe this got such a positive response......
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  17. It's just awesome like dat spence
  18. This has gotten me thinking, "Brick! Build the gosh darn public library where anyone can read or submit a book!"
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  19. Bump!
    Fill out that survey you guys!
    I read every one and every one you fill out counts :D