Sunnyvale Rules

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  1. Sunnyvale Rules

    Please make yourself familiar with our rules. These can be found on our website, but will also be listed here for convenience.

    For the most up to date rules, please visit our website:


    1. All EMC Rules apply.

    2. Besides EMC Staff, Sunnyvale leadership has the final word on any Outpost matter.

    3. All potential members must fill out our form. (We do our best to check this, but feel free to ping us if you don't here from us)

    4. Do not use the Outpost lands for gathering materials. The EMC wastelands were designed for this.

    5. Do not touch our Ice Spike biome. This area is off limits. Doing so will result in removal from the Outpost.

    6. Locations for building must be approved by leadership. When planning to build, please check the live map for other player builds.

    7. Respect other players' builds. Do not build near (~300 blocks) another player structure unless permission is given.

    8. All members must give at least ONE member of leadership block break.(MrClydeBarrow, MissBonnieParker, Ellisbrewer, Velma_T_Jinkies, xSkitzie)

    9. No building under/over main roads.

    10. No building under/over minor roads without permission.

    11. No building in "Center" without permission, during your trail period you will be provided with temporary housing.

    12. If you know you are going derelict (30days) and not coming back to EMC, please inform leadership.

    13. We reserve the right to reclaim/remove any player building and items after 30 Days Derelict or 60 days of Outpost Inactivity.

    14. If you are going to be away from the outpost (but still active on EMC) for longer than 60 days, inform Leadership to have your builds protected. (Will be judged on case by case basis)

    15. While in the "Center" of Sunnyvale, Player Settings (/ps) must be set to: Mini Boss Spawns (OFF), Enraged Spawns (OFF) Difficulty (1/ONE)

    16. Sunnyvale is divided into 5 parts. Center, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest & Southeast. You must first live in "Center" unless invited to live in one of the sub cities of Sunnyvale. Center is approx 750 blocks N,S,E,W from the Tree.

    17. Players must stay in "Center" unless invited to another section, You may ask permission from another section leader to build in their section.

    18. When you join another section you MUST give that section leader block break (Center-MrClydeBarrow, Northwest-xSkitzie, Southwest-MissBonnieParker, Northeast-Velma_T_Jinkies, Southeast- Ellisbrewer)

    19. Though we are glad to have new members in our outpost, we reserve the right to revoke membership, if there are too many complaints or broken rules by any one player. (Sunnyvale leadership will talk about this on a case by case basis.)

    **The leaders of Sunnyvale reserve the right to change these rules at anytime. Rule changes will be visible on the website, updated here, and passed along to outpost members.**