Sunday Server Events - 4PM EMC Time, 9PM BST

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  1. Sunday Server Events


    Yep, it's this again lol. :rolleyes:
    It seems that recently, I've really begun to miss these little weekly events I was holding, and I wanna get back into the swing of things, so to speak.
    So, starting this Sunday, I'll be starting with an old friend of a map, and then branching out to newer things. (Any suggestions are always welcome).

    Map #3 will be: Race For The Wool (Different Map, Server 1.12)

    For those not aware, Race For The Wool is map where 2 teams compete down two identical lanes to collect 3 blocks of wool for their monument, battling various mobs and obstacles along the way, as well as each other. The first team to do so wins.

    Please be aware, this thread is the ONLY place where this IP should be mentioned publicly, if this IP is mentioned in a public chat on the server as well as another thread on the forums, it IS server advertising, and will be dealt with as such. If you need to share this IP with somebody wanting to compete, please do so privately. or
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  2. Will the server version match EMC's version?
  3. Glad to see this returns as well #SundayFunday :)
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  4. but do i come back?
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  5. That is the plan, yes.
  6. Yes I think you should.
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  7. Bingo! That was always fun! If I can fix my computer I'll jump on!
  8. What time? is it
  9. What time is it?! uhm, i dont know.
  10. 4PM EMC Time, 9PM BST
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  11. Server IP updated, just a bit over 4 and a half hours to go :)
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  12. I will be rusty at this so I need to gather a team once it starts.
  13. Will everyone be on discord for this?
  14. Server open now :)
  15. Back open for round #2 :)
  16. once again im victorious
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  17. A little under 2 and a half hours, will be going with Lockout Mode this time :)
  18. What is lockout mode?